20 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Fighting With Bae

One major downside to any relationship, serious or casual (or romantic or platonic), is fighting. Even when we try to avoid it, hurt feelings happen, anger and resentment build up, and either confrontation or passive aggression happens, and things get messy. Fighting with bae is annoying and upsetting and can bring out the petty side of anyone… and Tumblr users know that better than anyone, I think. I mean, judging from these posts that just *get* me and how I act when I argue with my boyfriend, I feel like Tumblr and I really understand each other on this problem.

So, if you’ve ever thought, “wow, I wonder if anyone else does this incredibly weird/crazy/emotional thing when fighting with their significant other,” read on and wonder no more. Someone has probably thought or done it. The only way to make a passionate argument (or feeling of anger) better is to learn how to laugh about it, and that’s what we’re doing here. These may even make you make peace! Here are 20 hilarious Tumblr posts that perfectly describe fighting with bae: 

1. When you get in a fight in the beginning of a relationship:



2. When you decide to just show you’re mad rather than say it:



3. When you tell bae to leave you alone and they actually do it:



4. You when you finally get what you want when fighting:



5. The way every argument goes:



6. When you decide to be passive aggressive rather than confrontational:



7. When they try to be nice but you’re not having it:



8. When bae says something you don’t agree with:



9. You waiting for the fight to start:



10. When you’re mad but also you love bae:



11. When bae tries to act like everything is fine but it’s not:



12. You after you did something bad:



13. When you use sarcasm to make your point:



14. You just waiting to say your piece:



15. When you bring your fight to social media:



16. The face you make when you hear something about bae:



17. Pretty much sums it up:



18. When bae is acting like a jerk:



19. You when you’re mad:



20. When you want to be mad but you know you can’t be:



Which of these Tumblr posts is your favorite? What did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments!

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