8 Things About Your Body You Literally Cannot Change

We humans are never satisfied. This can be a good thing, of course, when it comes to issues of injustice or inequality. But when it comes to the superficial, that’s when things get a little murky. There’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to change the way you look. We do it all the time in little ways, by throwing on some makeup or changing our hair’s texture. We even make strides to change our bodies by working out and gaining muscle, or trying to lose some excess weight. And yet, sometimes we seem to be most obsessed with the body things that we just can’t change with the help of a workout video or a trip to Sephora.

But has that stopped people from thinking they can? Has that stopped seemingly trusted resources from peddling myths about creams that’ll magically do this and serums that’ll do that? No, it hasn’t. The truth is, you’ve probably bought into some of the lies, too. It’s okay, we all have. Yes, I realize that some of these things can be altered with surgery, but I’m referring to anything except that. Now it’s time for your reality check. Here are eight things about your body that you literally cannot change.

When You Get Your First Period

Being overweight at a young age can prompt early menstruation, but otherwise? There is no way you can control when you get your first period. It's largely determined by genetics (when your mom had her first period) and fate. So if you ever read up on anything suggesting you eat this or do that to jumpstart your period, please understand that it's total BS.


How Sweaty You Get

Listen, some of us just, well, get sweaty. I mean, we all sweat, but some of us get a lot sweatier than others. How much deodorant we wear can't change it, and unless we absolutely deprive ourselves from water, there's no natural remedy to become less sweaty. If you're a sweaty girl, just make sure as many of your clothes as possible are made of breathable materials like cotton. Oh, and make sure you bathe as needed.


The Fact That Your Vagina Smells Like A Vagina

We all know by now that you shouldn't douche, right? Right. Well, you shouldn't be using any sprays or wipes or anything that is super fragrant in an attempt to have a vagina that smells like roses. And, no, eating more fruits and veggies won't make much of a difference on your vag odor either. You cannot change the way your vagina smells unless you go out of your way to make it smell terrible by never bathing. Your vagina is always going to smell like vagina, deal with it.


The Size Of Your Pores

Anything that says it will shrink your pores is pretty much lying. Your pores can expand and get bigger, but smaller? No, there isn't really anything out there that'll shrink your pores or make them disappear. Products can make them appear smaller, but cannot change their actual size. Sorry!

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How Big Or Small Your Boobs Are

Some see a reduction or increase in the size of their breasts when they either gain or lose weight. Your boobs can also get bigger if you're pregnant. But otherwise? Your boobs are the size they're going to be post-puberty. You cannot put a Kylie Jenner approved cream on them to make them bigger or firmer, they just don't work that way. Either embrace them or end up getting surgery when you're older.

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How Hairy You Are

Aren't genes great? If you're a hairy girl, you're a hairy girl. You can wax and shave the hair away, but you'll always be hairy. Even laser treatments don't necessarily last forever, and they might not work at all for certain skin tones. If you're hairy, you're hairy, and there's no diet or exercise regimen or lotion that'll change that.

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Make Your Body Start/Finish Puberty When You Want It To

It's not just periods that start whenever they feel like it, it's puberty in general. At Gurl, we receive loads of questions from girls wondering when their boobs will get bigger, if they'll grow taller, etc. Listen...we don't know when any of that is going to happen, and neither does anybody else. It's. All. Fate. The sooner you accept that, the easier this whole puberty thing will be.


Thigh Gap

Thigh gap isn't an indicator of how skinny you are, and losing a lot of weight won't necessarily grant you one. The last thing you should ever effing worry about is the amount of space--or lack thereof--between your inner thighs. Seriously, nobody who matters cares. In fact, most people neither notice nor care about thigh gap, and it's such a recent development that I swear nobody was even talking about this, like, five years ago. Let's start ending the obsession over thigh gap, shall we?

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What have you tried to change about your body in the past? Have you finally given up and accepted your bod for what it is? Are you still hoping to change something about it in the future? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Human Being

    Actually, you *can* change when you get your first period. There are various forms of hormone blockers that stop puberty and therefore prevent periods. Also people with hormone deficiencies can take females hormones, which will start periods. This would also affect breast size.
    Number seven is also insensitive to this fact.