18 Early 2000s Trends That Are Back In Style For Spring/Summer 2016

The fashion world is weird sometimes, but especially when it comes to trends. Most trends roll in, take over stores everywhere for months or years at a time, start to fade out, are banned and called huge style no-no’s for a while, then suddenly come back with a vengeance once they’re pronounced “cool” again. This happens constantly, which is why in the last few years we’ve seen a resurgence of the ’70s and the ’90s. And now, our worst fears are coming true: early 2000s fashion, in all of its tacky glory, is back.

I grew up as a kid in the ’90s, so by the time the early 2000s came along, I was in high school, ready to take on the trends on my own without my mom’s help. I went through school immersed in ’00s fashion: jeans that laced up the entire side of one’s leg, peasant tops that made everyone look a little weird, weird hairstyles we all copied from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies, colorful eye makeup, UGGs, Juicy Couture tracksuits. I loved my Mudd jeans that had straps to tie instead of a zipper (~sexy) and I never went anywhere without my fake monogram Louis Vuitton bag. Looking back, though, early ’00s fashion makes me cringe hard. And the fact that it’s coming back is something I feel… um… unsure about.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing I, or anyone, can do to stop it. The fashion world has spoken, and we are bound to be affected by it regardless of our own personal style. Now we can either choose to fight it and do our own thing (AKA be a total style star) or embrace it and enjoy the flashback life. Here are 18 early 2000s trends that are back for spring and summer. You’ve been warned!

1. Denim Mini Skirts

Denim mini skirts have been making their way back to the mainstream fashion world for the last year, and I think they’re officially here to stay (for a little while, at least). I honestly never thought I’d see the day when I put one of these babies back on, but here we are. The updated version for 2016 includes denim minis with buttons, rather than pockets sticking out the bottom, so they end up with a ’70s vibe as well.


2. Chokers

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Tattoo chokers and black chokers have been everywhere the last few months: on celebrities, in ads, on the runways, Instagram, Pinterest… you name it. Make your own, or buy one you love.


3. Blue Eyeshadow

This is happening… at least according to Fashion Week 2016. Take a break from your neutral smokey eyes and gold shadows. Bright blue is taking over! If you want it to. I don’t know if I can personally handle it.


4. Shirts Under Dresses

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Slip dresses are a thing again, and I’m not mad about it. I’m also weirdly not mad about this shirt under dresses layering trend. It’s kind of awesome!


5. Bucket Hats

I don’t know why this is happening, but I feel personally victimized.


6. Trucker Hats

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I’m not sure why Kylie Jenner is trying to ruin my life with her constant Instagram and Snapchat shots wearing a Von Dutch hat, but she is. Trucker hats are a comeback trend I am definitely not ready to embrace.


7. Low-Rise Jeans 

After years of mid-waist and high-waist jeans reigning supreme, the fashion world is calling for a change. Low-rise jeans and pants were seen all over the runways for spring and summer 2016. While they aren’t always the most flattering option, they are pretty fun to wear.


8. Lip Gloss

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We’ve been living in a wonderful time where lipstick has been everything. Of course lip glosses have still been around in the last few years, but they haven’t been as big of a *thing* as they were in the early 2000s. Between Kylie Jenner’s Gloss Lip Kits and beauty trends from the runways, that is changing. And not everyone is happy about it.


9. Flare Jeans

Wearing @subdued flare jeans on the blog Babes

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Personally, I was pretty bummed when skinny jeans replaced flares towards the end of the early 2000s. I love flares! I bought a pair from Paige denim last year and I’m obsessed with them, so I’m pretty stoked about this.


10. Off-The-Shoulder Tops

After a full year of trying to resist this trend that wrestled its way back into the fashion world, I have decided to be the bigger person and embrace it (it knows what it did). I recently bought an off-the-shoulder romper from American Eagle, and I’m kind of obsessed with it. This trend was huge when I was in high school, and it looks like it’s here to hang for a while.


11. Lace-Up Tops

With just the right amount of ’00s tackiness, lace-up tops have resurfaced and have been spotted on everyone in the fashion world. They’ve morphed to lace-up dresses, lace-up flats, lace-up heels, and dear God I hope they do not translate to lace-up jeans again.


12. Athleisure

Athleisure in the form of matching Juicy Couture sweatsuits and Adidas velour outfits were everything in the early 2000s. I certainly am not ready for that level of fashion again, but I am very into the athelisure style, which Kendall Jenner is always rocking.


13. Monogram Everything

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Monograms were hard to ignore in the early 2000s, and I was beyond happy when they disappeared. I’m sad to say they’ve found their way back, specifically on Kylie Jenner’s body in a photo I am pretty sure was actually taken in 2001, so I’m wondering how Kylie managed to time travel without the world knowing.


14. Adidas

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Adidas was one of those brands you could not escape from the in the early 2000s. It’s obviously been around since then, but it hasn’t been quite as huge as it once was. With the classic white sneakers that have been spotted on tons of fashion bloggers, the brand is making its way back into the spotlight.


15. Small Monogram Bags

Top handle bags are a big handbag trend for spring/summer, especially when they are decorated with flashy designer monograms. God help us all.


16. Spaghetti Straps

Remember when we had these skinny little straps on everything we owned? Reminisce no more, friends! They are back.


17. Halter Tops

Halter tops were spotted all over the runways, but I’ve especially noticed them popping up in swimwear. The triangle bikini is silently sulking in the corner, as halter bikini tops and one-pieces take over.


18. Fishnet

From fishnet stockings to shirts to dresses, we’re getting a very early 2000s vibe.


Which of these fashion trends is your favorite? What are you not excited about making a comeback? Let me know in the comments.

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  • anonymous

    alot of these aren’t strictly 00’s fashion and just because a few kardashians/jenners are wearing it doesn’t make it a trend or coming back