7 Apps Designed For Women That Could Actually Save Your Life

If you are anything like me, you have a lot of totally fun, totally useless apps on your phone. For example, I have one app that is literally just a constant stream of fifteen-second lip syncing videos (some great, some terrible, all highly engrossing), another that is a game in which the overall conceit, as far as I can tell, is just to become the biggest worm in the world (again: very engrossing), and, of course, one that lets me pretend that I am close, personal friends with Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Like I said, these apps are all objectively fun (and totally vital to my overall “brand,” probably). But even I have to admit that they are probably not all that useful.

Recently, though, I’ve been trying to clean up my act a little. Along with apps that can help with your skincare routine, I’ve found a bunch that were designed specifically for women’s safety. The best part? They’re all either totally free, or offer some sort of free feature. If you’re interested, check out these awesome apps designed for women that could actually save your life:


bSafe is regularly touted as one of the best women's safety apps on the market. Once you look into it, it's not hard to see why--the app lets you create your own personal safety network filled with loved ones who can "follow" you wherever you are, whether you're driving long distances or walking home from a party. If you find yourself in an emergency, you simply press an alert button that sends your network your exact location while recording audio and video, in case anything happens that you'd need to show to the police later.

Get it here: bSafe

React Mobile

React Mobile also works by having you create a personal network. Once you've invited your friends and/or family, you can pick one of its three separate settings--"I'm fine"; "Follow me"; and "Help Me." "Follow me" sends your location to your network and lets them track you in real time, and "Help Me" can help you contact the police. If you don't click back to "I'm fine" after a certain amount of time, it instructs your contacts to get help. A cool thing with this app, too, is that you don't need to unlock your phone to toggle between settings--if you're on "Follow Me" or "Help Me," the switches show up on your lock screen, too.

Get it here:React Mobile

Circle Of 6

The overall idea of Circle of 6, which was designed with college campuses in mind, is simple--first, you pick six contacts to be in your network. Then, you can pick between a car, chat, or phone button, which tells your relatives that you need a ride, text, or phone call immediately. There's also a "danger" button, which immediately links you to a hotline for domestic abuse. Need an extra endorsement? This app won the White House/HHS "Apps Against Abuse" technology challenge, so you know it's legit (and Joe Biden-approved).

Get it here:Circle Of 6


If you're on a college campus, you could also look into OnWatchOnCampus ("OnWatch" for short.) This app works much like the previous ones--you pick a network, four-digit passcode, and choose between a number of alert buttons and timer systems--with the college-specific addition of adding your campus police number in, too. This app also has a "Resources" section that can direct you to contact information for RAINN, the National Dating Abuse Helpline, and the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which most of the other apps don't have.

Get it here:OnWatchOnCampus


Staysafe is another location and timer-based app. When you first download it, it prompts you to pick out a four-digit passcode and select some contacts who you'd like to know about your whereabouts.  If you're ever in a situation in which you feel unsafe--or just want some extra safety--you select a certain amount of time. Then, to confirm that you're safe, you type in your four-digit passcode. If you don't, it sends an emergency text to the contacts you'd picked before.

Get it here:StaySafe

Watch Over Me

This app is a timer that describes itself as your "personal guardian angel." When you leave an event (a party, late-night school event, etc.) you select an amount of time that you'd like to be watched over. If you don't hit the "I'm Safe" button after the allotted amount of time, it'll email or text your contacts that you need help.

Get it here:Watch Over Me


Don't have a smartphone? No worries--you can use Kitestring, a website that lets you set up a check-in system for you and your friends if you're walking home alone somewhere or meeting someone online for the first time. To use it, you set up an account ahead of time, then give it a certain timeframe before you head out. After the time has passed, it'll text you to verify that you're okay. If you don’t respond in a certain amount of time, Kitestring sends an alert to your designated emergency contacts, letting them know to reach out to you.

Find it here:Kitestring

Do you have any safety apps? Did I forget any good ones? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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