10 Disney Remix Videos That Will Make You See Your Favorite Classics Differently

Sometimes there are things from your childhood that you love so much, you can’t imagine liking them any more than you already do. Then someone like Pogo, who makes remixes of Disney movies (among other things), enters the picture and completely blows your mind. As YouTuber Basketbuddy101 states, Pogo “takes the sounds of your childhood, puts it in a blender, and makes a satisfying smoothie out of it.” Comments on the videos always include a guess at what the lyrics actually are, but I’m pretty sure he’s less worried about words and more concerned with feelings.

Nick Bertke, aka Pogo, is a music producer and remix artist based in Perth, Western Australia. He’s actually been hired by companies like Disney and Pixar to make promotional remixes of their movies. (#YouKnowYoureGoodWhen) After his first remix “Alice” went viral, Pogo was brought from Australia to California to meet the marketing team at Pixar. In his blog, Pogo says that while he was visiting, “Pixar founders John Lasseter and Ed Catmull came down to shake hands and offer their support.” That must have been surreal!

If you’re in the mood for something simultaneously trippy and nostalgic, enjoy these Disney remixes by Pogo. They’ll make you see your old favorite classics in a whole new light that I’m almost positive you’ll enjoy. Disclaimer: don’t hold me responsible if you get so caught up watching these that you procrastinate literally everything else!

1. Alice

Eight years ago, Pogo uploaded this first Disney remix and it went viral. Alice in Wonderland is a crazy enough on its own, but this takes it to another level. I had forgotten just how much dancing was in this movie! (The drumming flower is my favorite.) What a beautiful interpretation of a beautiful animation.


2. Upular

This remix commissioned by Disney Pixar in 2008 is an experience in itself. You gain a new appreciation for just how beautiful the film is with this inspired video.


3. Wishery

This Snow White remix is my favorite because I love the way he incorporated the film’s songs. Snow white really does have quite the original voice! Gorgeous sequences like the well and the glittering diamonds hadn’t really stuck out to me before I watched this video.


4. Toyz Noize

Here’s another video commissioned by Disney Pixar. The whole “Woody On The Mic” really worked well as a music remix. It almost looks like he’s going to start beatboxing at one point.


5. Boo Bass

If you love Monsters Inc this remix might bring a tear to your eye. All of the machinery and chase scenes make for a fun video.


6. Bloom

I love this remix because it shows the similarities between the animations in all the Disney movies. The ending leaves you feeling similarly to how you feel at the end of a Disney movie- that everything will be okay.


7. Trouble

Another truly inspired remix.


8. Forget

This most recent remix has a great beat and some amazing imagery, especially around the 00:50 mark. You’ll go on a journey with this one!


9. Sugarella

It’s impossible not to get caught up in this dreamy remix of Cinderella. Doesn’t it make you just want to float around your room singing while you get ready (preferably with birds helping you out)?


10. Expialidocious 

Disney cartoons aren’t the only movies Pogo remixes. Check out this one based on Mary Poppins, which I haven’t been able to stop listening to all morning.


Did you like these remixes? Let me know in the comments below! 

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