15 Annoying Things Your Mom Says That She’s Actually Right About

As much as we all love our moms, we’ll also be the first to say this: moms can say some pretty annoying things. We know they have our best interest at heart, but that doesn’t really soothe us when they give a reason for something with the cliched, “Because I said so” or when they try to subtly torture us by quipping, “One day you’ll realize I’m right.” The most annoying thing about that? One day, you will realize she was right. The worst thing about “mom statements” just might be that we know she’s right, we just don’t want to admit it.

In the moment, it’s like, “WTF? Why do you have to clean you room? Why is your curfew so early? Why can’t you eat dessert first? Your mom just doesn’t understand. She’s not a teenager; heck it seems like she was never a teenager. What does she know about Snapchat and Instagram and Rihanna? How can she tell you how to live your life?

As you get older, your mother’s advice starts to click. Those annoying momisms begin to pop into your head even when she’s not around, and you find yourself listening to them. Mom has had a lot more life experience than you, and she picked up some wisdom on the way. Deal with it! When you’re celebrating Mother’s Day this year, thank her for all of the times she’s told you something you didn’t want to hear. After all, mother knows best. Here are the 15 most annoying things your mom says that she’s actually right about: 

1. “If you keep making that face it will stay that way.”

eye roll

This obviously isn’t literally true, but the point behind it stands – it’s really not necessary to roll your eyes so much. And pouting? Yeah, that won’t get you very far in the real world. Watch the faces you make, because they can say a lot about you to people who don’t know you very well.


2. “You’ll forget about that crush.”


It doesn’t seem like you’ll ever get over your feelings for your bae, and it’s insulting that anyone would even suggest it… but she’s right. You won’t mourn over the unreturned text messages for long, in the scheme of things.


3. “Don’t slouch.”

shrug selena gomez

I can’t tell you how often my mother reprimanded me about my posture growing up, but I can tell you how often I ignored her: every time. Now my slouching habit is much harder to break and I envy the girls who walk with their shoulders back and chins high. Trust me – sit up when your mom tells you to.


4. “That show is going to turn your brain to mush.”

watching tv

There is such a thing as too much television. Go outside! Read a book! Your brain and your body will thank you.


5. “You shouldn’t procrastinate so much.”

daria procrastinating

Anyone else use the line “I work better under pressure” to try to get away with procrastination? Yeah. That’s silly. Just start your homework earlier now, it will make your study habits in college so much better.


6. “That music is turned up too loud.”


Hearing damage is real and it is permanent, and even Beyonce’s latest album isn’t worth that.


7. “You don’t need to spend that much money on clothes/shoes/makeup.”

cher shopping

You might not be physically growing anymore, but your personal sense of style is definitely still shifting. You might really want that $$$ item for your wardrobe now, and never want to wear it again within the year. Save your allowance for the classic staples and head to Forever 21 for the trends.


8. “You’ll look back on that trend and regret it.”

whatever crop top

I repeat: don’t blow your allowance on the trendy stuff. While I have not yet admitted I might not always love the 50 crop tops currently in my wardrobe, my mother was right about my bellybutton piercing (and I have the scar to prove it), all the blue eye shadow I ended up throwing away, and those weird charm bracelets with the removable links I used to need so badly. By all means, wear it now and enjoy it! But buy the cheap version. And maybe think twice before piercing something.


9. “Hard work pays off.”

rihanna work

AKA: nothing worth having comes easy. It can seem so much simpler to do things the easy way, but taking shortcuts can often screw you over further down the road. Put in the effort now and be way happier later.


10. “You don’t need to have everything your friends have.”

put michelle tanner

No, it doesn’t seem fair. But hasn’t your mom also told you that life isn’t fair? Not having the latest iPhone or your own car or a designer handbag won’t make your friends like you any less.


11. “Enjoy every moment.”

dancing two broke girls

It’s so easy to rush through high school, always looking forward to the next thing—prom, summer vacation, senior year, college—but the whole “stop and smell the flowers” adage is worthwhile. You’ll never be as young as you are at this very moment. Enjoy it!


12. “Your siblings will be your best friends one day.”

siblings emperors new groove

This one can be hard to believe while you’re growing up, but as adults you’ll be so glad you have each other. Your siblings share a history with you, and they’re also the people you can rant with when your mom is being really annoying.


13. “Eat your vegetables!”

healthy food not diet food

Especially the ones she makes for dinner. You’ll miss home cooked meals, no doubt about it.


14. “Don’t cry over spilled milk.”

spilled milk

This lesson is twofold: don’t sweat the small stuff, but also, learn how to clean up your own messes.


15. “It’s not the end of the world.”

ice cream parenthood

There’s this thing called “perspective.” Everything feels like a big deal while it’s happening. It should! Enjoy the moment, remember? But also realize that, as your life goes on, you’ll look back and realize that exactly no single moment was the end of your world. So, take the time to wallow. Eat the ice cream. But trust your mom when she tells you that you will move on.

Which of these annoying things does your mom say the most often? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.


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