7 Of The Biggest Misconceptions About Anal

For a lot of us, butts are basically the final frontier when it comes to sex. We all have a butt, but aside from our familiarity with its fleshier side, we aren’t exactly keen on getting up close and personal with the other aspects of it. By that I mean buttholes. Yes, buttholes, the place we associate with farts and poops. So it’s not surprise that we see anal activity as inherently controversial, deviant, shamefulblush worthy. Even the popularity of anal sex porn hasn’t exactly made us see “butt stuff” as just as kosher as other sex acts.

Even among people who are open to the idea of anal play, there are so many myths and prejudices about it that help maintain its stigma. From anal sex to “eating the booty like groceries,” here are seven of the biggest misconceptions about anal.

It's 'Gay'

People have the most convoluted approach to butt stuff and sexual orientation. Why is it that it’s totally legit for a cis-gender straight dude to eagerly put his penis into her butt, but if that same woman inserted a strap on or her fingers into his butt, all of a sudden the dude is a closeted gay dude? Apparently butt stuff is a straight dude fantasy as long as he’s not the one on the receiving end of butt stuff. This attitude is why Amber Rose’s “Fingers in the booty ass bitch” comment about Kanye got more laughs than it otherwise would have; it was seen as emasculating. Listen, dudes can like butt stuff, too, without being gay. And even if a guy was gay and liked butt stuff, who cares? Plus, male bodied people have a prostate gland deep in their rectum, and when that’s stimulated, it feels really damn good. There’s nothing wrong or gay or whatever with finding pleasure in that kind of activity!

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You Basically Get Poop All Over Yourself

This is a fair enough assumption. It's not like there’s never been an instance of somebody having anal sex and ending up with…fecal matter of some sort on a penis, or a finger, or a sex toy. And given the fact that feces can cause bacterial infections, spread e-coli, it's unsurprising that people see anal as unsanitary and dangerous. But if someone is clean down there, there’s not much need to worry. Some people use enemas to really make sure that they’re totally washed up down there, while most just wipe/wash like normal, hygienic people. As long as that’s sorted, booty eating can happen in peace. Nevertheless, if you’re nervous, maybe you should go number two before engaging in sexy stuff.


Anal Is Only For 'Sluts' And Weirdos

Butt stuff is seen as some sort of forbidden zone, and if you’re into being stimulated around there, then you’re a freak in the sheets and every other way of life. Chill. Despite the reputation that anal play has, all kinds of people participate in it; from the kinky set, to a pretty vanilla couple who want to try something different. Sex is weird in general, no matter what parts we’re dealing with. Embrace it.

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It's Painful And Can Cause Injury

Okay, but this isn’t just the case with anal activity. Vaginas can also experience pain and tearing if there isn’t enough lubrication down there or relaxation of the vaginal walls. Yes, the vagina is a lot better at expanding than a rectum is, but the same principle still applies: LUBRICATE THE HELL OUT OF THE BUTT AREA AND MAKE SURE YOU’RE BOTH COMFORTABLE. And when I say lubricate, I mean lubricate. If you’re just doing oral down there, saliva is fine. But insertion? Don’t assume that some spit is going to do the trick. Use. Lube.


It's Totally Safe Sex

Fact: semen entering your butt won’t magically make you pregnant. It’s not going to find its way through some anal membrane and take a ride through the fallopian tubes. However, any semen through anal play that somehow makes its way down into the vagina area can if you and your partner aren’t careful. Also, anal sex obviously doesn’t prevent STDs by any means.


It's Just A Fad

There are signs that indicate that the influence of porn has increased teenagers’ likelihood to try anal sex. Also, we can’t deny the fact that songs like “Post To Be” with lyrics like “he gotta eat the booty like groceries” turn butt play into a topical subject matter. But butt stuff isn't just a passing fad that'll fade away in a few months. People have been fascinated with butts and wanting to do stuff with butts for thousands of years. So I don’t know if it’s accurate to call anal play a fad as much as a side of sex that is becoming a little less taboo.

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Anal Sex Isn't Really Sex

Virginity means something different to everyone, and I’m not here to tell you what counts as losing your virginity and what doesn’t. Virginity is a bit of a BS concept to begin with. But let’s be real, if you’re using anal sex as some sort of abstinence-based, contractual loophole for saving your v-card, fine, but you’re still having penetrative sex. You two are still engaging in a super intimate act that involves a fair amount of trust, understanding, and preparation. So please, be smart about this.

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What other  misconceptions are out there about anal. Do you think that anal play will ever be significantly less taboo than it is now? Tell us in the comments!

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