8 Easy Kissing Tips You’ve Never Thought Of

Having “good kiss chemistry” with someone is priceless. It’s a real thing, and you feel like you’ve struck gold when you find someone who’s kissing style syncs up with yours. But what makes a good kiss? Here’s an easy kissing tip: the more simple, the better. The worst kisses – for me, at least – are filled with ‘tricks’ and tongue acrobatics and other nonsense that make it an unenjoyable experience. Because of stuff like that, which comes from well-meaning articles on how to be a great kisser, I thought I disliked kissing for the longest time. Turns out, I was just hooking up with bad kissers. Who knew?

If you ever search for kissing advice you know what I mean. Everyone’s telling you to show how much of an *~adventurous and sexy~* woman you are by being trying out complicated tricks, but in reality, you should bring it back to the basics. No need to show all of your cards at once.

Whether you want to improve upon your kissing game, or you’ve never kissed anyone and you want to be prepared when the big moment happens, I’m here to help. Making out is pretty intuitive, once you get your brain to stop firing off on all cylinders. It’s something that you do with your body, not your brain: it’s not reducing fractions, it’s putting your face on someone else’s face, who hopefully makes your heart skip a beat or two. Want to pull it off like a pro? Here are eight easy kissing tips you never thought of that will help you get there.

Don't Close Your Eyes Until You're Almost Kissing

I think we can all agree that kissing with your eyes wide open is a little creepy, right? But, if your eyes are good for one thing, it's helping with your aim. Who else has a fear of missing someone's mouth, bonking noses, or accidentally clicking teeth? Ouch. No need to stare, you can use your eyes to flirt as you move closer to this person (not just with your torso, move your whole body closer to theirs). Wait until the moment arrives and your faces are closer together, then close your eyes and tilt your head. Moving in for a kiss with your eyes fully closed while you're on the complete other side of a couch is a recipe for collision. Awkward. Use your eyes to your advantage.

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Less Is More, Especially When It Comes To Tongue

Can we shift the focus off the tongue for a second? A lot of people stress about how much tongue is too much, what to do with it, how to move it, and honestly, less is more. All the saliva, sucking sounds, slippy lips... it can kill the mood. Don't get me wrong, embracing the awkward moments of kissing is sexy because having a sense of humor is necessary for any good hook up, but if we're being honest, both of you can't have your tongues in the other person's mouth. There's just not enough room. One of you always winds up on the receiving end and doing nothing and that never feels nice.

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Switch It Up

Especially if you're *just* kissing, it can feel stagnant. If you've been kissing their bottom lip, switch it up and kiss their top lip. Change the direction your head is tilting, pressure, intensity. Take a break and trail some kisses down their neck. Move your body around. Nuzzle something. If you're feeling bored, chances are your partner is, too. You don't need to change pace or position every ten seconds, but you can usually feel when you've hit a lull or a rut. Trust your instincts and change it up. You don't need to get fancy.

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Go About 50 Percent More Gentle Than You Think You Should

Unless, that is, you like it rough. In which case, go girl. I've gotten full on bitten and felt like I put my mouth on a human vacuum cleaner. There's nothing like a well timed, well placed bite, but bite your own lip to see what hurts and what could be exciting and where that line is exactly. You don't need to full chomp down or full on suck someone else's tongue. The more subtle and gentle you can be, the better the payoff. You already have thousands of nerve endings on your lips and tongue, there's no need to overstimulate to the point of maybe causing some pain.

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Use Your Hands

Someone playing with your hair or holding your hand feels great, but it feels even better if it happens while you're kissing that person. Kisses you can feel with your whole body typically involve more than just your lips and tongue. Run your fingertips down their back or their arms or neck. If it feels awesome for you even when you're not kissing, it'll probably be a welcome addition when you are kissing. Typically, your partner will intuit this cue and return the favor, so go for it and treat them to something nice.

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Listen To Your Partner

You can feel it when someone's into it and you can feel when they want to stop. Kissing is a team sport. There's two people involved! What do they respond well to? When do they get excited? Listen to what they're giving you and respond accordingly, don't kiss on auto-pilot. Don't just go at it and exact every trick you have in your book and hope they like it. Everybody's different. What worked for your ex might not work for this new person you're hooking up with. People have different rhythms. They're learning yours and you're learning theirs. I'm fully convinced that most of what makes a kiss good is listening and responding in a real way.

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Breathe Through Your Nose

Okay, so this seems like a no-brainer but let me know if you, too, had someone exhale into your open mouth. That being said, don't hard exhale through your nostrils on someone else's cheek. Take your breaths nice and slow and in between kisses. Come up for air if you need it! There's a lot going on with your mouth when you kiss and you don't need to breathe on someone else's nose or mouth in order to respirate comfortably. Take your breath breaks if and when you need them and be courteous to the person you're kissing.

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Tease Them A Little

Don't make it seem like you're rejecting them by backing all the way off, but maybe pull back about half an inch and make them lean in to kiss you a little more. When they think you're going in for a super passionate lip lock, just trace their lips with yours. Fake them out, get playful, and have fun. Again, having a sense of humor is key for a good hook up, so go for it - make them laugh or smile and get a little silly with it. Silly is the new sexy.

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Which of these kissing tips are you going to try? What are your favorite tips? Let me know in the comments!

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