8 Beyond Ridiculous Questions About The Labia

It’s actually embarrassing how little people–girls, guys, non-binary, everyone in-between–know about the vagina and its pals the cervix, the uterus, the falopeon tubes, the urethra, the clitoris, the labia, and the pubis mons. Seriously, even those of us who love to mock folks who don’t know how the clit works couldn’t really explain the cervix to you. It’s as if all the anatomy and sex ed we learn in school only focuses on the vagina, periods, and pregnancy, and assumes that we’ll all put the rest of the vaginal pieces together on our own. Well, sometimes that never happens. This was made super evident once when I stumbled upon a Twitter post implying that one can tell how much sex someone has had by looking at their labia; if the labial folds look smooth and taught, then there hasn’t been much penile penetration, if they’re a little more wrinkled looking and hangs a bit, then THAT PERSON IS A SLUT BUCKET.

Y’all, you can’t believe every bit of BS you read on the internet.

The appearance of the labia has nothing to do with how many sex partners somebody has had because everybody’s labia looks different. We’re humans, our bodies are all unique, this isn’t brand new information. When are we going to stop coming to wild conclusions about people’s sex lives by looking at their bits?

Anyway, cluelessness about the labia is incredibly common, for people who have a labia and for people who don’t. Check out these eight ridiculous questions about the labia, courtesy of Yahoo Answers. Sigh, we need to do better, y’all.


1. Don’t date anybody with a vagina.

Yahoo Answers Questions Labia 7

rupaul slap


2. “Virginia.”

Yahoo Answers Questions Labia 1


3. You don’t tell her that she has an ugly vagina, that’s how.

Yahoo Answers Questions Labia 5 atlanta side eye



Yahoo Answers Questions Labia 6


5. This is…a mess.

Yahoo Answers Questions Labia 2


6. Deal with it.

Yahoo Answers Questions Labia 3

joseline sigh smdh


7. This is just five levels of WTF. 

Yahoo Answers Questions Labia 8



8. Grow up.

Yahoo Answers Questions Labia 4 freaks-and-geeks-awkward-sideye-sam-weir-eye-roll


What other labia myths have you come across? Do you think that we need to be more aware and accepting of our labia?  Tell us in the comments!

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