14 Perfect #RelationshipGoals For People Who Don’t Want To Be In A Relationship

When it comes to people, I have found that, generally, there are usually two kinds: those who are moved by the concept of #RelationshipGoals–those Twitter and Instagram accounts that post photos of hot young couples and say that they are the Platonic ideal of what everyone should be working towards–and those who are not. Or, to be more exact, the people who are moved by the concept of relationship goals, but not in the way that the original poster intended. Like, they feel the compulsion to very politely excuse themselves to gently vomit in the nearest trash can/shrubbery arrangement or, at the very least, physically move away from whatever device they viewed the relationship goals on whenever they see them.

If the latter group sounds like you, you’re not alone. There are actually a bunch of posts around the web that follow the typical format of a relationship goals post–a photo or idea, usually captioned with “relationship goals”–but have very clearly been made by someone who would probably prefer to be single. So, without further ado, check out these perfect #RelationshipGoals that will move you if you would maybe rather not be in a relationship:

1. This realization that being left alone is your only real goal:


2. This very achievable goal of just dating a giant latte:


3. Or a laptop:



4. This decision that is…far too easy for you to make:



5. This dream prom arrangement:


6. This marriage proposal that, quite frankly, seems a little absurd to you:


7. This ~sexii~ scenario that might make someone break up with you IRL but is literally so you:


8. This gorgeous image that brings you life:


9. This stunning post about the challenges about balancing your love life and career:



10. This dream duo that shows what you’re really working for:


11. This thought, which might be the only relationship goal you’ve ever really related to:



12. This one acceptable use of the word “bae” (which can be used when describing cats and/or dogs):


13. And ducklings:


14. And, finally, the decision to commit to the only person you could ever trust–yourself:

Are these relationship goals more your style? Which post was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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