11 Easy DIY Choker Necklace Tutorials You Should Try Now

In case you haven’t noticed, chokers are back in style in a big way – and no, this isn’t an old post from 1997. Chokers, AKA necklaces that sit snugly around your neck rather than resting against your collar bones or cleavage, are edgy, cool, and make a pretty big statement. Chokers were huge in the ’90s and early 2000s – think the wiry tattoo style or black velvet versions with a little charm – but like so many other ~classy~ accessories from that time, they fell off our radar for a while. I’m kind of glad they’re back, though! If you want to jump on this style revival, you don’t need to drop a lot of money – you can take an afternoon and make your own DIY choker.

Not convinced that these deserve a spot in your jewelry collection? Hear me out! Chokers add such a fun and edgy vibe to any outfit. I know this because my besties Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid wear them on the regular, and they always look good doing it. Trust, though, you don’t need to be a supermodel to pull this off. I’ve collected a whole bunch of choker necklace tutorials that you can try during your spare time. There are options with fun charms, lace chokers, multi-layered chokers… there’s basically something for everyone. Check out these 11 easy DIY choker necklace tutorials and get started creating something awesome!


1. Make your own edgy choker with a charm that fits your style.



Transform a simple black cord into a seriously cool necklace with a few tools and a cute charm.


2. Go for a very feminine vibe with something lacy. 



If you need to dress up or add a classy touch to your outfit, this choker is the perfect addition.


3. Create a simple wrap necklace that will make any outfit that much cooler.



This choker style is super versatile because you can wrap it however you want, so you can wear it differently on different days.


4. A strip of velvet and a ring is all you really need to get an amazing choker.



This is so simple to make, yet it looks so impressive and cool.


5. Go for a dainty choker that is ideal for necklace layering.



Wear this on its own, or pair it with other necklaces for a boho vibe.


6. Create your own designer looking chain choker. 



You’ll look like you just stepped off the runway wearing this edgy chain choker – designers such as Chanel and Balmain all had their models sporting these chokers in their shows during this year’s Spring Fashion Week.


7.  Opt for a simple but classy wraparound choker.



Some velvet wrap around chokers are over $50 if you wanted to buy one. This DIY wrap around choker is super easy, quick, and cheap to make.


8. Put a spin on your standard choker with this large pearled necklace. 



This choker sits lower and has a totally different vibe to it, but it’s still very fun.


9. Create your own inexpensive version of the beloved stretchy choker necklace.



Want to update this ’90s staple? Check out the link to find out how to do it quickly.


10. Make a gorgeous jewelry piece with this crystal choker. 



This crystal choker looks a lot more difficult than it actually is, and everyone will be impressed you made it.


11. Make a two length choker that’s perfect for festival season.



This leather choker necklace is perfect to wear for any music festival. It’s so easy to make and ridiculously cute to add to your outfit.


Do you like the choker trend? Which style choker is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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