15 Perfect Responses For When Someone Says You’re Wearing Too Much Makeup

You know, it is insane to me, quite frankly, that we are living in an era in which people are still regularly getting moderately-to severely butthurt over what others choose to put on their faces. Like, you would think that by the time we were halfway through the year of 2016, someone would have figured out the technology to stop people from telling you what to do with your makeup, but, alas, the reality of the times has not caught up to my grand vision yet. (I am not referring to beauty vloggers and Instagram makeup gurus here, of course. They should keep telling me what to do! I simply must know what other parts of my body I should be contouring!)

Makeup, as far as I am concerned, is a non-issue. It is one of those few things that actually affects you and only you–like, I cannot fathom any way in which your makeup choices might negatively impact those around you, unless your highlight is so bright that it temporarily blinds them, and that is a reach, my friends–so wearing it is something that, likewise, should only be up to you. Wanna wear no makeup? Great. Want to wear a full beat-down that makes you look like there’s a Snapchat filter on your face IRL? Also great. Want to just put eyeliner on your ears? Beautiful. If that is what brings you joy, so be it. But, alas, some people get really worked up over other people’s makeup, especially if they feel like they wear too much of it.

If this has ever happened to you–and you suspect that it might again in the future–check out these hilarious makeup memes that also have the perfect responses for when someone says you’re wearing too much makeup:

1. Refuse to let that tired makeup = insecurity myth fly:


2. Point out your own inherent superiority (well, at least in terms of winged liner):

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3. Like, their lives would be so much better if they’d only let you help them out:


4. Set any guy who thinks you’re wearing makeup for him straight:

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5. Because…it’s not:



6. And, let’s face it–if it were a choice between him and your favorite palette, he wouldn’t stand a chance:


7. Point out the fatal flaw in the reasoning that says makeup is like lying:

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8. Blow ’em a the tenderest of little kiss:



9. Or just…scream at them:


10. Act a little crazy:

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11. Or, you know, take the high road:


12. Or maybe don’t:


13. Point out that, as far as vices go, this one really isn’t so bad:

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14. Get even more supplies for your makeup bag to fight against makeup #truthers:


15. And, in the end, just live by these wise words:

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Are you a makeup lover? Which of these posts was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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