14 Embarrassing Things You Thought Only Your Dad Did

Dads, at this current point in time, seem to be having a sort of “moment.” In fact, it’s actually probably more of an extended moment–dad jokes, for one, have been gaining traction in the popular media for some time (the entire success of Jimmy Fallon’s career rests on this, I think). The not-real-but-it-totally-could-be Dad Magazine over at The Toast continues to be a formidable presence. Then, there’s the obvious presence of the daddy subculture–you know, the one that refers to everyone from Justin Bieber to Liam Payne as being “daddy AF“–that I would rather not mention. (But also, how could I not?)

The key identifying factor with dads is, of course, the idea that they are extremely embarrassing as a whole. They crack stupid jokes. They make a point of screaming your name, loudly, every time you run into your crush in public. They try to teach you how to use the grill every Memorial Day, despite knowing full well that you’d rather do literally anything but. Basically, those things that seem totally unique to your own personal father-daughter experience are not. In fact, it’s pretty ridiculous how totally universal they are–which, as you’ll see, these posts all prove.  Anyway, check out these embarrassing things you thought only your dad did:

1. Sneeze with the force of a thousand dads:



2. Ask important questions about improving their selfie game:


3. Post highly NSFW photos on Facebook:


4. Tell terrible jokes:


5. Like, straight-up awful ones:


6. Ones that are so bad they might be amazing:


7. Send screenshots of their fire dad jokes to the family group text because not enough people got to see it before:


8. Try on your prom dress, because…why not?


9. Make you wish you’d just gone out and bought the pads yourself:


10. Take things to a level that no one asked for:



11. Like, come on, dads:



12. Pretend to be an Uber driver for no apparent reason:


13. Freak out when they realize the damaging effects of gender norms after 41 years:



14. And, finally, always look out for Number One (themselves):

Did you relate to any of these dad things? Which one was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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