Is This Surprising Look Going To Be Spring’s Biggest Beauty Trend?

Have you ever put eyeliner on your ear? Probably not, I would wager. Maybe you’ve done it by accident, when you were attempting to perfect the flick on a particularly daunting winged eyeliner endeavor and your brush wandered off track, or if you let your baby cousins play with your makeup and they didn’t really get that the kohl pencil wasn’t actually meant to trace the outline of your earlobe. But guess what? If Big Fashion has any say in it, by this summer, we will all be wearing eyeliner not on our eyes but, rather,  on our ears. Or, at least, this is according to the Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2016 fashion show, in which the models wore sparkly, metallic liner on their earlobes.

It’s cool, right? Like if you dipped your ear in tin, or molten lead. I am only occasionally moved by fashion, and even then my inspiration is usually limited to Rihanna’s Instagram and the well-dressed toddlers I see outside of the Montessori school near my apartment (who are far cooler than I am or will likely ever be). But the Louis Vuitton lobe liner struck me, somehow–I saw that a beauty blogger at Allure tried it out, and once I saw that, I decided that I, too, must test it.

It is important to note that lobe liner, by the way, is not to be confused with ear contouring–a method of attaining slim, sensual earlobes that Kylie Jenner may or may not practice, and I tried out just to be safe. Rather, lobe liner appears to be all about embellishing what is already there–like earrings, but, you know, painted on.

I used this Kiko Double Dare dual eyeshadow and liner in blue–a color that the Louis Vuitton models also wore–and wore it on my ears for three days.

Here is the first shot:


For the first day, I went for a more “conservative” lobe liner look, both out of my own timidity and fledgling skills in terms of applying eyeliner to your ears, which, I will say, is surprisingly challenging. The skin there is sort of slippery and has, as is the way with earlobes, a lot of divots and curves that make hand slippage easy and applying straight lines hard. But that’s okay! The method I tried–dark eyeliner on the inner crease, lighter eyeshadow on the outside–was an attempt to get a sort of Andy Warhol pop art-type look. Did I succeed? Would you even think pop art if I hadn’t told you so? You tell me!

This first day, perhaps unsurprisingly, nobody noticed–or, at least, nobody really cared. I went to work expecting to get some comments about how my ears had suddenly turned blue, or at least a few pointed side-eyes from people on the subway. But, nope–nothing of the sort happened. This is due in part, I think, to living in New York–where it is ot uncommon to see people handing out pythons in the street for no reason in particular–and also because this look is surprisingly blendable. I even tried a more aggressive version the next day:


A little sloppy!

But when you zoom out…


It’s almost like it isn’t even there. Like, it is, but you wouldn’t necessarily notice it unless you knew about it beforehand.


Nobody noticed, except for a guy who was campaigning for Bernie Sanders and told me that the blue on my ears was “cool.” (Say what you will about those Bernie Bros, but they are apparently excellent at recognizing makeup!) At work one day someone asked when I was planning on doing the lobe liner experiment soon, and I lifted my hair to reveal that I had actually been doing it all along (or, you know, for three days).

In conclusion? I do endorse lobe liner! While it is sort of unlikely that anyone will really notice your efforts unless you grab them and actually tell them to look at your earlobe (or, you know, just make a point of pinning your hair back or something), wearing lobe liner is like keeping a secret on your head. It’s kind of like getting a tattoo or piercing without telling anyone. Except lower stakes, since your mom won’t cry when she finds out about it and ground you until you get it removed. Basically, it’s an easily-accomplished transgression that won’t actually cause you too much (or any, really) discomfort. No one really has to find out about it unless you want them to, and even if they do notice it, it’s not anything that will make them shun you for life. So, if you’re into makeup and secrets, try it out! You might be surprised by how much you like it.

Would you ever try out lobe liner? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

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