8 Cold Hard Truths About Puberty That You Have To Know

If you ask me, I think that puberty was super hyped up in movies and TV shows, and the reality was a lot more anticlimactic. I didn’t have any high expectations of what my body would morph into over those years, and honestly, the changes usually happen so gradually that aside from getting my period, there weren’t many “WOW” inducing puberty moments that stood out to me. I just entered it innocently, and exited with big boobs, blood gushing from my vag, and a lot of body hair.

You don’t even see as many awkward boners as the media will make you think. What a rip off.

It’s time to demystify puberty and bring it down to earth with some cold hard truths. Here are eight of them that’ll make the whole, nasty process a lot less surprising.

You Probably Won't Be Lucky Enough To Avoid An Awkward Phase

Real talk: Most of us aren't going to look the way Tyra Banks or Angelina Jolie did back when they were in high school; by that I mean, almost upsettingly gorgeous. Some of you might breeze through puberty without an awkward phase, but the rest of us won't be so lucky. And guess what? THAT'S TOTALLY OKAY. Having wonky skin, weird hair, and features that you haven't quite grown into yet are basically a rite of passage of puberty and teendom. It doesn't last forever, okay? I promise.


Puberty For You Will Probably Mirror Your Parents' Experience With Puberty

Oh, genetics. You might get your period around the same age that your mom got hers. Oh, and that acne around your chin? Chances are your dad might have suffered through the same pimply hell when he was a teenager, too. It doesn't hurt to ask your parents if they went through any of the same things you're going through, it could be oddly comforting.

My So-Called Life

You're Going To Be Peer Pressured Like Crazy To Alter Your Body

I remember noticing that this one girl in my class had thick, dark leg hair, a feature that is easy prey for mockery, especially when you're a pre-teen. I forgot what prompted me to start shaving, but I'm pretty sure that most of us don't come to the conclusion that it's time to start shaving on our own; we pick up cues from our classmates, our friends, and our enemies. So don't be surprised if you fall victim to the pressure, you're not the first and won't be the last. But never do something you're uncomfortable with.

You Smell

No, seriously, puberty turns all of us into smelly little monsters. Please, don't go a day without using deodorant. And if you do skip a day, do yourself a favor and only do that if you're at home kicking it all day. Because in public? Yikes.


You're Going To Be All Horned Up

I know that we're fed this idea that it is cis-dudes who have sex on the brain during puberty, but that's a total lie. Nearly everyone gets horned up af during puberty, often for the first time. You'll feel horned up at home, at school, in the car, at the mall, etc. Nothing wrong with this, but sometimes it can feel like you're going crazy. You're not some sort of nympho, it's just hormones. Deal with 'em in a healthy way and you're good to go.


You Might Not Get Your Desired Results

If you imagined that you'd end up on the other side of puberty with a sizable rack and poreless skin...only to end up wearing an A cup and sporting some acne scars, chin up. Puberty is weird and does what it wants, and we just have to deal with it. Just understand that you--or most of us, for that matter--aren't guaranteed some caterpillar turning into a butterfly kind of fate. Enjoy what you have, who knows what'll happen in the future, which brings me to my next point...

Your Body Doesn't Suddenly Stop Growing At A Specific Age

So many people see to think that puberty has some sort of strict cut off age--like 16-years-old or 18-years-old--and the body just stops growing. Not the case. You might be wearing a B-cup in your senior year of high school only to start your second year of college searching for a DD bra. You might even get taller, or get wider hips, or bigger feet, you name it! So, don't give up hope and don't get too comfortable with your body just yet, even in your later teen years.

It's Can Be Pretty Uneventful TBH

Like I said in the intro, puberty can be a pretty uneventful experience. I mean, obviously your teen years are eventful in their own way, but not necessarily because you suddenly have hair up your butt. You don't wake up and go, "Ah! Another day of puberty!" You just sort of notice one day that your boobs are bigger than usual, or that you got a little taller, or that acne has become a regular part of your life. Unless you have a super embarrassing puberty related moment, puberty will probably be pretty quiet for you.

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What uncomfortable truth about yourself have you learned thanks to puberty? Do you like your body changing or would you rather it calm the hell down? Tell us in the comments!

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