15 Hilarious Tweets About Having To Rely On Your Mom For Everything

Having a mom can be a lot of work. They tend to be mildly-to-severely embarrassing to be around in public and are always making sure that you “do your homework” and “study for tests” so you can be a “productive member of society,” when, as everyone knows, you would prefer to lounge around in your bed all day, browsing the web for memes and eating Nutella straight from the jar. Of course most moms would probably point out that it is in fact harder to actually be a mom, to which I say: fair enough. Besides the whole experience of, you know, actually birthing a child and then having to raise said child, it is true that most of us tend to rely on our moms for much longer than we should. I mean, who among us hasn’t had to have our mom walk us through every single step of doing laundry? Make our doctor’s appointments, even though all it takes to make the appointment is a seven-second phone call?

Twitter totally gets that. In fact, it would seem most of Twitter is comprised of people who have no agency or autonomy of their own, and instead expect their moms to do pretty much everything for them. Who can’t relate? So, in honor of our moms and our gross, abject reliance on them, let’s check out these hilarious tweets that perfectly describe what it’s like to depend on your mom  for literally eeeeverything:

1. When everyone knows that your mom is the only person in the house who can actually do laundry:


2. When you have to rely on your mom to look fresh:


3. Since your mom’s style is basically your style, too:


4. When you forgot that, since your mom does everything around here, she basically controls all of your comings and goings on a day-to-day basis:


5. When you thought you were a strong, independent lady, until you realized you have absolutely no grasp of how the real world works:


6. When your mom literally saves the day at prom:


7. When your mom realizes that you might not be quite ready to do things on your own:


8. When your mom gets a Twitter just to make sure that you you’re keeping up with your studies:


9. When you use your over-reliance on your mom as a creep deterrent:


10. Seriously, it works every time:


11. When you’re trying to finesse that sleepover:


12. When you realize asking your mom for anything, let alone a sleepover, is scary AF:


13. When you ask for a small loan of a million dollars:


14. When you don’t want to go to prom, but your mom says she’ll buy you the Justin Bieber tickets you want if you go:


15. When, in the most traumatic way possible, it becomes clear that you cannot handle living in this big, stressful world without the assistance of your mom:

Do you have to rely on your mom for everything, too? Which of these tweets was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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