16 Adorable Old Couples Who Should Actually Be Your Relationship Goals

In the past, I have been pretty down on the subject of Relationship Goals–or, to be more exact, those #RelationshipGoals Instagram and Twitter accounts, emphasis on the hashtag–and all that the term implies. For the most part, they seem to just promote hot, rich, vacuous couples who don’t really offer up much, other than aesthetic enjoyment and vague hilarity over the objective fact that, clearly, none of them know how to kiss someone.

But, at this point, I feel that I must admit that there is one subsection of the Relationship Goals genre that I am decidedly not immune to–the “cute old couples” category. I mean, I am no monster, and you really would have to be a monster to not feel some sort of pang of emotion upon looking at a picture of a husband and wife pair who have been together for fifty years but still love one another dearly and make time every Sunday to walk down to McDonald’s for their weekly McFlurry, which they share (they try not to eat too many sweets, on account of the heart disease), and really find it to be the most exciting part of their week. (This couple doesn’t actually exist. I made them up. But they could exist, right?)

These couples are actually “goals,” too, because, unlike some genetically-blessed pair of models who seem to be a couple only because they are able to capitalize on their ability to look great in their coordinating bathing suits and sweatpants, they’ve actually managed to make something work for, like, half a century. (Or, at least, appear to have made something work for that long.) But I’m getting worked up. Anyway, let’s check out these adorable old couples who should actually be your relationship goals:

1. I mean:


2. They’re so cute:


3. Are you not moved?



4. #Goals:



5. Literal goals:


6. Am I weeping? PERHAPS:



7. Like, are you not?


8. Literal tears:



9. This might be the only time I suspend my strict “no matching couple clothes” policy, actually:


10. *Sigh*



11. *Crying emoji*

Sometimes the visitors themselves are art. #cuteoldcouples #nighthawks

A photo posted by Bonnie Davis (@bugs_bonnie) on


12. *Vomiting tears*


13. *Weeping*

AWW THIS IS SO CUTE c': #cute #aw #oldcouples #skateboarding #skateboard #this #aww #couples

A photo posted by Lord Nermal (@_blackcitten_) on


14. Okay, that’s it. I’m done:


15. D-O-N-E:

I swear this will be me and Cody one day! #toosweet #oldcouples #togetherforever @cody_mack_2015

A photo posted by KayCee Anthony (@kayceealyssa) on


16. Well, I guess this is it. True love:

A photo posted by @hollyhotpocket_ on

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