13 Pretty DIY Hair Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Forget statement necklaces, elaborate braids, and half-up hairstyles. This season, hair accessories are hogging all the attention. At this year’s Spring Fashion Week, hair accessories were all the rage seen on the runways, from headbands to elaborate clips to fun bobby pins. If you had serious #HairEnvy of these models, I’m right there with you. But unfortunately, edgy hair chains and dainty flower headbands that don’t fall apart or look very cheap can be pretty pricey. Who really wants to spend $30 on hair jewelry when you can create it yourself?

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Sure, some of these DIY hair accessories are going to cost a little bit of money, but in the end, you’ll be left with an accessory that is totally unique and special… so it’s kind of worth it, when you think about it. It’s time to whip out your pliers and get ready to craft. The below tutorials are mostly very simple, and can even be done by beginners who aren’t super into the world of DIY. Add any of these cute items to your hairstyle and instantly upgrade it to something chic and fun. To learn how to make these combs, pins, and more, check out the 13 DIY hair accessories you need in your life: 


1. Make your own pearl bobby pins to add a classy touch to your top knot.



These pretty Chanel look-alike pearl bobby pins are so easy, and they’ll easily dress up any outfit while keeping loose hairs in place.


2. Make gold branch pins for a fun and boho vibe. 



These gold branch pins are so pretty and won’t even look like a DIY craft. Use them to hold hair in place, or just to add a boho vibe to your braid or wavy style.


3. Make a feminine flower comb for music festival season.



Step aside  flower crowns! Make way for this pretty flower comb that you’ll want to wear all the time. It’s super easy to make and it only requires a few steps and supplies. This is perfect for a music festival, but it also has a vintage vibe to it that is really glam and different.


4. Use an old t-shirt to make a headband that will keep your hair in place for hours. 



Your flyaways won’t budge even during a serious sweat sesh when wearing this super comfortable t-shirt headband. The only supplies you’ll need? A pair of a scissors and a plain t-shirt.


6. Say good-bye to boring elastics and hello to this decorative jeweled hair tie. 



This pretty hair accessory only requires four items, and makes any ponytail instantly more glam.


7. Make a fun, vintage looking hair clip for special occasions. 



This simple hair clip dresses up even the most simple style for occasions where you need to be more fancy. Like prom!


8.  Ditch those tight headbands and create your own comfortable crochet piece. 



Sometimes the elastic on headbands can be annoyingly tight and uncomfortable. Try making your own with some crochet fabric instead.


9. Put together this knockoff runway trend to look like a true *star.*



These gold stars are serious hair goals. To make this fun accessory, you need some wire, stars from the craft store, metallic spray paint, glue, and barrettes. Feel free to spray paint your stars and wire any color you like!


10. Add some bling to your messy bun with this multicolored hair comb. 



You can totally transform an ordinary hair comb into a beautiful blinged hair accessory in minutes. This is a versatile craft you can easily make all your own. Simply glue rhinestones to a small piece of felt and then hot glue the felt piece to the comb.


11. Create this fun hair chain for an edgy, unique look. 



How cool is this hair chain? It’s very different and offbeat, and it will impress literally everyone around you.


12. Use a variety of paper flowers to make your own flower headband. 



This is super easy to make, as you’ll only need craft store paper flowers, a hot glue gun, and a plain headband. You can make this headband to your liking as craft stores carry such a variety of fake flowers, ranging in different styles, colors, and sized.


13. Channel your inner goddess with this stunning hair chain.



To get that boho, gypsy vibe, there’s nothing better than a gorgeous hair chain.

Which hair accessory is your favorite? Did you try to make any of these? Tell us in the comments below!

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    “That boho gypsy vibe” or ya know that Indian, Hindu wedding jewelry knockoff vibe.