12 Perfect Tweets That Show What All Guys Really Want

If you are a person who is attracted to guys, chances are good that at one point or another, this has proved itself to be a taxing endeavor. Perhaps your guy didn’t text you back. Maybe he did text you back, but in doing so, also asked you for nudes, or somehow maligned your makeup skills. Or maybe he just did that one infuriating thing that all guys seem to do–initiate a texting conversation for no reason in particular then, halfway through the conversation, appear to grow bored of you and stop responding altogether, also for no apparent reason.

Well, as a recent Internet trend seems to have discovered, this is all part of their plan. Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of tweets that start with the line, “All guys want is ___.” Here, guys can be swapped for “boys” or “men” (depending on your mood and age, I guess), and the blank can be filled by anything along the lines of “to ruin my life” or “to break my heart.” Basically, according to this Twitter theory, guys have no specific desire–just a vague one to do all of the things that bring you great distress. So, what is it that guys really want, deep down at their core? We may never know for sure, but these posts all offer some great progress in the way of speculation. Check out these posts that show what guys seem like they really want to do:

1. I mean…this about sums it up, yeah:


2. Yup:


3. Find the lie:


4. Put this on my gravestone:


5. If your grandkids ever ask you what 2016 was like, just show them this tweet:


6. Looking for some clapback inspo? Here, take this:

7. Or this:




9. Weepy emoji, indeed:


10. Ah, yes. That gorgeous double standard:


11. It does seem like this, doesn’t it?


12. Which, in the end, brings us to this:

What do you think guys *really* want? Did these posts seem accurate to you? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Knot Snappy

    I am a guy myself and am a bit upset about these stereotypes. My sister had a boyfriend a while back who did things like this and I wanna to beat him up and throw him in front of a moving train. not all of us do this stuff and many hate that people who act like this are setting these disgusting examples for us, and I agree that some people do this, but saying all guys is just about as bad as normal girl stereotypes that you complain about, girls. You hypocrites….