11 Cold Hard Truths About College That You Need To Know

If you’re in your last year of high school at the moment, congrats, you’ve probably recently received your college acceptance letters. If you’re in college right now, congrats, you probably want to crawl into a ball and die because finals season is coming up and you’re ready for your butt to be kicked. Either way, whether you’re looking forward to starting college or you’re already ready for it to end, we can all agree that college is a really exciting time (when it’s not driving you crazy). You meet a whole new crop of people, you might be away from home for the first time, and you play by your own rules. Plus, you have more opportunities to travel, you’ll take classes that change your life, and you can hook up with people without worrying about your parents finding out.

Still, as somebody who has been through college, I think it’s only fair that I’m honest with you guys about what it’s really like. I think that we–with the help of pop culture–have a tendency to glamorize the college experience in a lot of different ways. Is college really the time that you’ll discover yourself? Do you really have that much freedom? Are your college years the real best years of your life” or is that a bunch of BS? Here are 11 cold hard truths you need to know about college so that you don’t graduate with a ton of disappointment.

What are you most excited or nervous for about college? If you’re already in college or graduated, what do you wish you knew before starting it all? Tell us in the comments!

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