16 Of The Best Promposals Of 2016

In today’s day and age, “Will you go to prom with me?” is no longer an acceptable question. People expect to be swept off their feet when being asked to go to prom – posters, flowers, scavenger hunts, balloons, and flash mobs are practically requirements. If the promposal wasn’t Insta-worthy, you might as well say no. With so many forms of social media to capture the moment so that you can show off to your whole network, everyone tries to outdo one another and pull off the biggest and best promposals possible. You could say it adds another level of fun to do the whole deal, but really, I think it just adds another level of anxiety and stress.

Back when I was in high school, Instagram and Snapchat didn’t exist yet, so people asked their date to prom face to face without any fancy tricks. This was considered sweet and adorable and wonderful! In fact, I asked out my prom date both years that I went. There were no fireworks or festivities, and prom was just as much fun without those flashy things. But now, the bar has been set, and high schoolers are getting more and more creative each year. Here are some of the best promposals I found for prom 2016. What’s your promposal story?

1. Save the last dance for me

I somehow doubt this person’s boyfriend was the choreographer behind this dance routine, but I love the idea – and that all of the dancers were willing to learn an extra routine to help make this girl’s day. Also, can we bring those neon airbrushed t-shirts back in style?

2. Let your date eat cake

Hes too cute #promposal2016

A photo posted by S O P H H (@sophh_37) on

Have your promposal and eat it, too. That frosting looks delicious.

3. Better than your birthday

It may not be your birthday, but let’s celebrate with balloons anyway! As someone who is physically incapable of blowing up a balloon (I have tried many, many times) I am especially impressed with the effort put into this.

4. Not just a date for prom

Go big or go home – why just ask her to prom when you really want her to be your girlfriend? Do both! She said yes. Twice.

5. No one can say no to baby animals

Prom without you would be baaaaaaaaddd #promposal

A photo posted by Rebecca Derner (@becca_derner) on

Who needs flowers, dance routines, or cake when you can have an adorable baby cow? Can he come to prom too? Moo!

6. Stay tuned 

Sorry about all the F bombs, but this is a pretty bada** way to ask someone to prom. I also love all the singing she does in the car without realizing she’s being taped. Cute couple alert!

7. Pick a team player

This promposal is baller. Get it?

8. Getting clever with household goods

He ran over all 300 of my cups…. But all the passing cars liked it #promposal2016 #hesaidyes

A photo posted by Megan Myers (@megan_myers12) on

Such a punny play on words. According to the caption, her boyfriend drove over her work—but said yes!

9. Up, up and away

This movie is adorable, and so is this promposal. Excuse me I need a tissue, there’s something in my eye.

10. You go, Glen Coco

Now THAT’S a crowd. Asking someone to prom in front of the entire school? Bravo.

11. It’s a love story, baby just say yes

Personalizing a Taylor Swift song and getting backup vocalists is pretty incredible. And now Love Story can be “your song” forever.

12. Hello, it’s me

Adele would've wanted me to say yes #promposal2016

A photo posted by sof a loaf (@sofiexorstadius) on

Again with the song inspiration—you can’t go wrong with Adele. And the craftsmanship on that poster, dang!

13. Will you accept this rose?

This “Bachelor” knew what he was doing. Can Chris Harrison make a guest appearance at their prom?

14. The theatrical effect

Wow. This is intense. The planning that went into this is at a whole other level, not to mention how ballsy it is. I can bearly handle it.

15. Table for two

#PromPosal #PromPosal2016 Seen Him Cry of Happiness was the most priceless feeling everr #LuminariasRestaurant

A video posted by Faviola Espinoza (@fabbii_e) on

The classic romantic grand gesture. *Sigh* Never goes out of style.

16. Taking a risk

So, this promposal technically failed as the recipient of it walked out of the cafeteria…but since the principal will be AT prom, can we consider it a win?

Which of these promposals is your favorite? How do you feel about promposals? Let us know in the comments.

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