7 Signs Senior Year Is Ruining Your Life

Your last year of high school should be fun, enjoyable, and full of lasting memories. Unfortunately, an overload of senioritis makes it easy to become lazy, unmotivated, and possibly even get you into trouble with your college of choice. Senior year could very well be ruining your life! Think about it: it’s the end of the semester and your dedication is MIA. You can’t even pretend to put in an effort around teachers. We’re all victims to being super lazy at the end of the school year, but Olympic-level laziness can really come back to haunt you. Remember that time I talked to an IRL college admissions counselor and she told you all that your last semester in high school really does count? Have you forgotten about that? I honestly wouldn’t blame you. Towards the end of my senior year in high school I would straight up forget what day of the week it was sometimes.

The thing is, if you’re being judicious about it, you can get away with some hardcore senior slacking, cutting classes, and just skating by as to not flunk out of high school (but don’t tell your principal I told you that). If your grades have been fine thus far, you can take a hit by getting a C on a test and have it not affect your final marking period grade too much. However, if you’ve fallen off the face of the earth once you got back from spring break, that’s an issue. How, exactly? Oh, I don’t know, by preventing you from graduating, attending prom, walking during graduation, and did I mention bad senioritis could legit stop you from graduating high school? Hello, summer school. I don’t mean to be dramatic, but if you’re slacking in the name of celebrating your graduation prematurely, you could cost yourself the very thing you’ve been banking on happening. Here are seven weird signs that senior year is ruining your life: 

You've Lost Track Of How Many Classes You've Cut

You can't get credit for a course you don't show up for, and you can't graduate without required classes or enough cumulative credits, so... pick and choose your skips, buddy. How heavily weighted is participation? By participation do they mean raising your hand and saying something insightful and relevant or the act of showing up? Does showing up count as participation? Making up work is eight thousand times more difficult in college, so don't get yourself into a nasty habit that'll be hard to break with it really counts. If you're legitimately worried about your status, check in with your guidance counselor and see if you need to shape up or if you're still on track.

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Your Teachers Low-Key Hate You

You full on snore in class. You're clowning around and being hella disruptive because why not? Your poor teachers are just trying to do their job and when you show up, if at all, you have no regard for how you're behaving or how you're effecting your classmates because f-ck it, you're going to college and none of this really counts anyway, right? You've crowned yourself Kanye of your school and you're burning bridges left and right when it comes to your teachers and classmates. Your teachers aren't even shy about how much they hate you, that's how bad it is.

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You Find Yourself Being Awful To Lower Classmen

There's nothing quite like seniors who think they're so grown that they can be shitty to freshmen and sophomores. You're pranking the lower classmen hard, stealing their parking spots, and kicking them off of lunch tables. You're never going to see any of these kids again, so it's all very low stakes when it comes to being awful during social interactions. Senioritis doesn't always mean your behaviors have to do with class. Sometimes, you completely check out socially, too, and that can have some awful repercussions. No one likes anyone who thinks they're the shit. The only thing you are is older than them. Chill out.

Your Grades Have Slipped Uncharacteristically Low

If your beginning of the year grades look like they uniformly belong to a different student as compared to this semester's grades, your college may rescind your invitation. No joke, it's happened. Some highly competitive schools don't appreciate the slacking and lackadaisical attitudes presented by their prospective incoming class and will drop new students if their grades dip too low. If you're in danger of failing, there's a chance your high school will withhold your diploma until you complete your required course in full during summer school. I don't think that's how anyone wants to spend their last summer as a high schooler.

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You've Legit Forgotten Everything You Learned All Year

You all forgot you had to pass a final, didn't you? If you've been good all semester, some teachers will waive the final if you have an A average, which is a huge blessing. However, if you're ghosting your high school before you even graduate, it may be hard to even pass a cumulative final, never mind get an okay grade on it... and you can't graduate unless you pass, so... you do the math. You can't remember many basics from any of your classes, so get ready to pull a surprise all nighter studying for this final exam you are in no way prepared for.

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Your Parents Are Concerned About You

Senioritis may mean for you that you're partying too hard, not getting enough sleep, and being extra lazy. It's gotten to the point where your close friends and your parents are concerned by this extreme shift in behavior. If the prospect of graduating is giving you anxiety, and that's why you're acting out, please seek help. That's why those closest to you are concerned. Why else would you be acting so not-yourself? If you've become so foreign to your nearest and dearest due to your weird senioritis behaviors, it's effecting your most important relationships, and not in a good way.

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You've Stopped Caring About Consequences

Not being allowed to prom, not walking during graduation, having your diploma withheld, possibly getting un-accepted to your prospective college? None of this matters. People can't pay you to care. Whether it's extreme laziness because you can't care about something you think is a sure thing (aka graduating high school) or you're so overwhelmed by the fact that you're leaving high school that you feel paralyzed about what to do, nothing anyone says or does can make you start caring again. There's no way you can get motivated or even make an attempt. Like I said, these consequences are real and if you don't care about them, that's your choice, but don't complain when it comes back and bites you in the butt. Be okay with your choices.

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Which of these signs can you relate to? How do you know if senior year is ruining your life? Let us know in the comments.

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