7 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Go To Prom Without A Date

Nobody wants to go to prom alone. It’s one of those dances that, unlike ones like homecoming and winter formal, people tend to shudder at the thought of attending alone. It’s not too hard to figure out why. After all, prom has a rep as the dance, rather than just a dance–you know, the one where you finally snag your lifelong crush as your date, you wear the perfect dress that makes them fall head over heels in love with you, and, to top off the night, you share one perfect kiss.

In fact, this fantasy is so pervasive that most people, it seems, would choose staying in for the night over going to prom sans date. But you know what? Going to prom alone can be fun–possibly more fun, I would wager, than going to prom with some hastily cobbled-together date situation that you’re actually not super into simply because you feel like you need a date. If you’re curious, check out these surprising reasons why you should actually go to prom without a date this year:

Fewer Expectations = More Fun

This sounds pessimistic, but it's true--the sheer amount of expectations and goals that most people set for their prom often end up blowing up right in their faces. This isn't always the case, of course, but having a date almost always means that you go into it thinking that something magical is going to happen. Going to prom without a date means that your expectations to have the ~perfect night~ won't be as high, meaning that whatever you do end up doing will probably feel pretty great. Low stakes mean high fun, as Benjamin Franklin used to say (okay, he didn't ever say that. But he probably thought that a lot).

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Less Drama

Going along with the previous idea, dates almost always equal D-R-A-M-A. Think about it--there's always at least seven girls crying to their moms on the phone at any given minute during prom night because their date is dancing with another girl or because their date implied that he definitely thinks they're doin' it tonight. While I am usually 100% in favor of being a messy bitch who lives for drama, being messy on prom just seems...cliche, you know? Going without a date helps you evade this drama--you'll be the sage voice of reason amidst the sea of stress and dismay that is prom night.

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Squad Deep Is The Best Way To Roll

If some of your girlfriends are also dateless, assemble a squad! You guys can get ready together, eat dinner together, dance together, eat all of the weird prom snacks together, have a sleepover afterwards. It's just like most people's proms, really, only much better.

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All Of The Dancing Is Totally Your Call

One of the worst parts of prom, IMO, is the dancing. It's not that dancing isn't fun in general, it's more that dancing at prom usually tends to be pretty lame. If you go to prom dateless, though, there's no need to grind under the watchful eye of your AP gov teacher. You don't have to worry about what eye contact is usually required for slow-dancing. Instead, you can (literally) just move to the beat of your own drum.

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A Thrown-Together Date Is Literally A Worst-Case Scenario

This is not based off of scientific data at all, but I would estimate that maybe two percent of awkwardly thrown-together prom dates--you know, the ones where you ask your friend to ask her boyfriend, who asks their cousin, who asks their friend--end well. The rest of them are hella awkward. You're basically tethered to some person you don't actually know at all, forced to make small talk (you know, the extra-fun kind where you're also screaming into their ear over a Pitbull song) and dance for what you hope is an appropriately polite amount of time for an entire night. Going solo is much preferable.

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You'll Regret It If It's Literally The Only Reason Why You Don't Go To Prom

If you're thinking that you really would love to go to prom, and the only thing holding you back is the fact that you don't have a date, please don't let that stop you. In the grand scheme of things, not having a date doesn't actually matter, but you'll always think back on prom with a little twinge of regret if you legitimately wanted to go and the only reason you didn't is because you didn't have someone to take some pictures with before the dance.

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No One Cares The Way You Think They Do

 If you're afraid that people there will judge you for going solo, I promise that nobody beyond your immediate group cares or, in all likelihood, will even notice that you're alone. And if they do, they'll just be thinking about how cool you are, since there's nothing more badass that a girl who's having a great time by herself--once, I was at a restaurant for a birthday dinner I really didn't want to be attending, and I saw a woman sitting at a table alone, eating a plate of pasta, and reading a book. It was amazing. I wanted to be her. I still do, actually, which is why I advocate heartily for going to prom alone.

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Are you going to prom this year? Will you have a date or are you skipping one? Let us know in the comments!

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