10 Easy Tips On How To Feel (And Look) Sexier

Feeling and looking sexy is about so much more than pleasing other people (i.e. men) – it’s important for yourself too. Few things are as empowering as feeling really sexy. Experiencing that level of confidence where you just feel really effing great about yourself makes you feel powerful, happy, and strong. It can be the reason you take new chances or try new things, or push yourself to do something you never thought you could. It’s important to feel sexy at least sometimes… but unfortunately, it can also be really tough for women who suffer from low self-esteem.

Think about the last time you felt really sexy and good about yourself. Some women get that boost of confidence during a particularly steamy hookup sesh, others get it when they put on a silky nightgown while having a fabulous hair day. Some girls feel sexy after getting a Brazilian wax, and for other girls, it could be as simple as putting on some killer mascara. There is no rule on how to feel sexy – it’s just about doing what feels good to you. And as everyone knows, when you feel super sexy, you end up looking sexier to others – confidence can pull off that little magic trick.

You deserve to feel good about yourself no matter what. The next time you’re feeling down and you need a boost, check out these tips on how to feel sexy from this Ask Reddit thread. They are so much easier than you think, and I bet at least one of them will work… and if none of them do, then at least let them inspire some ideas.

Shower and Get Into Clean Sheets

NANAs_Mic: For myself: Do laundry, shower and shave, do some mild pampering, then roll around naked in clean sheets.

Sometimes all it takes is getting fresh and clean to feel like a total sex kitten. Take a warm shower, use your favorite body wash, put on some moisturizer when you get out, and then roll around naked in clean sheets. It sounds silly, but it works!

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Put On Lipstick and Dance

the-iron-queen: Put on some kickass music, red lipstick, and nothing else. Then feel like a motherf***ing goddess.

Red lipstick (or any bold lipstick color) is a quick way to feel super confident and awesome about yourself. Dancing is another way, so it makes sense that combining the two would make one feel like the sexist woman in the world. Dance around by yourself so you don't have to worry about judgement or stares. Once you're done, you'll feel more than ready to take on the day.

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Skip Pants

watchforcowpatties: Fancy panties and an overly large tshirt that hangs below the lady bits.

This answer was surprisingly popular in the Reddit thread, so the next time you're home alone and want to feel sexy and good about yourself, try it! Put on a long t-shirt and a pair of cute underwear, or even just a long t-shirt and some thigh high socks. Boom: you're ready for anything.

Get Dressed Up

emmawhitman: A well put together outfit. Nothing fancy but like, my good skinny jeans and a pair of boots with a bit of a heel to them along with well done makeup and a cute top.

When you don't get dressed up every day, feeling super stylish can be a huge self-esteem boost. Put on whatever makes you feel good, whether it's your favorite sexy dress or something more simple, like the jeans that make your butt look great. Feeling put together can so helpful when it comes to feeling good about yourself.

Work Out

NotACatLadyISwear: I work out. There is something about that post-workout afterglow that just makes me take a second look in the mirror for a few hours after I'm done. Also, working out is an accomplishment and if I've been down in the dumps that can be a real confidence booster (and confidence makes me feel sexy). And I don't know if this happens to anyone else but post workout, even though rationally i know there is no way I am slimmer, leaner or lost any weight, I feel like I am all those things. That makes me sexy and generally makes me more inclined to initiate sexy times.

Exercise is one of the fastest ways to feel super sexy. When you think about it, it sounds kind of gross - why would you feel sexy covered in sweat? - but once you're done with a workout sesh, it all makes sense. Go for a run, take a class, do some yoga.. whatever you want. When you're finished, you won't only feel sexy - you'll also feel accomplished and proud of yourself.

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Take A Bath

bemundolack: LUSH bath bombs and soaps that smell nice. It just puts me at peace and relaxes me enough to feel sexual.

Baths are the BEST when you need some "you" time. Grab a bath bomb (or just some bubbles), light some candles, put on your new favorite CD, and get in there. In minutes, you'll feel like a goddess, and afterwards, your skin will feel super soft and happy. This is such a relaxing way to feel good about yourself.

Pamper Yourself

throwawayathrowaway0: My favorite ways: Pampering myself (I'm pretty low-maintenance. I just plucked my eyebrows and I'm feeling like quite the fox if I'm being honest.) But it also feel nice to put on makeup (rare) or doing something different with my hair), exercising (even though I look super unsexy working out), dressing up or being naked, and taking selfies when I look cute.

Whatever it means for you to pamper yourself... do that. Maybe it means putting on a face mask and shaving. Maybe it's more about moisturizing and putting on some makeup, or getting your hair done. It doesn't really matter what it is, as long as it makes you feel amazing.

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Wear Sexy Underwear

greensincerity: Sexy underwear.

Lingerie definitely isn't just for dudes. Putting on a pair of lacy underwear or a see-through bra can make you feel amazing about yourself. Just feeling the different luxe materials, or catching a glimpse of how great you look in new underwear can make you feel incredibly sexy.

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Put On Makeup

Kaye2: Make-up. I hate getting up un the morning, but I love putting on my face. I don't wear a lot. Concealer, some powder, and I know my way around an eyeshadow palette. I also coordinate my clothes really well and my underwear always matches my bra. I feel like an actress putting on a costume that exudes care, confidence and control, right down to my socks.

For some women, it's all about putting a little effort into the way they look: taking their time putting on makeup, doing their hair, and putting on a cute outfit. Yeah, it takes a little time, but that feeling of empowerment is worth it.

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pavarotten: A new vibrator, but more importantly, remembering to buy the goddamn batteries for it.

Masturbating is a fun and easy way to feel awesome about yourself. It works like a charm. On top of feeling sexier, you'll feel more relaxed, happier, and less stressed. You can't lose!

Which of these tips have you tried? What do you do to make yourself feel sexy? Let us know in the comments.

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