11 Easy And Practical DIY Projects To Organize Your Hair Tools

If you’re someone who puts a lot of time and and effort into styling your hair, I would assume you own the top three hair styling tools out there – a blow dryer, a flat iron, and a curling iron. (And if you’re someone who isn’t into heat styling your hair, go you, because you’re saving your locks from serious potential damage!) But for those who can’t live without the holy grail of heat styling tools, you understand what I mean when I say these appliances can cause a chaotic, disorganized mess in your bathroom or wherever you store them. They’re clunky, they’re large, and they are usually an awkward shape.


When storing your hair tools. you know the wires to these appliances will without a doubt get tangled just by sitting there in your bathroom closet. How does it happen? I don’t know. Blow dryers are large and bulky, so they take up plenty of space either on your counter or under your cabinet. Yes, there are a few products on the market that are supposed to be solutions to these issues and help organize your tools, but why should we spend $30 or more on a little sectioned off basket when we could make it ourselves? If you are looking to add some organization to your life, start with your hair appliances and read on for these 11 easy and practical DIY projects to organize your hair tools:


1. Low on cabinet space? Make an aluminum board that can hold all of your heat styling tools on a wall instead. 



Easily hang and store your heat styling tools with this DIY board made out of a wooden board and aluminum panels. This idea is such a space saver!


2. Create a hanging storage shelf to organize your hair tools.



You can simply make a storage shelf for your hair tools for under $10. You would never believe that this shelf is made out of some plywood and food cans! Decorate however you like and personalize it to match your style.


3. Use a heat resistant basket so that you can put your hot tools away before they cool down.



Using a basket allows you to keep your flat iron or blow dryer off the ground and contained all in one place. A heat resistant basket is a great choice as you don’t have to wait for your appliances to cool off before you store them away. You could easily repurpose a metal garden basket and paint it to match your bathroom!


4. Use a cute pot holder to separate and hold your hair appliances. 



Super inexpensive and it will take you all of five minutes (if that) to store away your hair tools in pot holders. Pot holders withstand heat so no need to wait for you curling iron to cool down, you can unplug, throw it in the holder, and go.


5. A decorated PVC pipe can become a clever storage trick.



Cut, paint, and decorate a PVC pipe that can be found at any hardware store. The openings to the pipe are big enough for you to store anything from your blow dryer to your thin flat iron.


6. Hang your hot appliances on adhesive hooks in your bathroom cabinet.



These adhesive hooks are great to use as a storage idea for your heating appliances, as they are super sturdy and inexpensive. Hang them in a cabinet or closet door in your bathroom. Now you won’t have lose, tangled wires hanging anymore as your tools will be neatly stored away.


7. Create a heating tool station in your bathroom with a few storage materials. 



Keep your clips, bobby pins, and hair tools all in its own little station in your bathroom with this fun project. Everything will be so contained and neat now!


8. Decorate a magazine holder to stand up your heat appliances.



Feel free to either line your magazine holder with decorate wrapping paper or doodle and draw on it to make it your own. You can now keep your organized appliances anywhere you want- your bathroom, a cabinet, a closet, your bedroom. Just be careful: if your tools aren’t completely cooled down, this could start a fire potentially.


9. Use buckets to make a hanging organizer to hold your hot tools and more.



Using a few buckets, a clothesline or rope, and scissors, you can create a super decorative storage piece for your bathroom. You can also store shampoos, conditioners, and hairbrushes.


10. Use a shower caddy outside of the shower to easily hold your styling tools.



Shower caddys are typically used in the shower to hold your shampoo and conditioners, but why not use it differently and take it out of the shower? If you can find one with hooks, you could easily hook the caddy over your cabinet door. If your caddy doesn’t have a hook, you can still use it to store your appliances under your sink or in a closet.


11. Create your own mirrored storage cabinet to keep your hair tools hidden. 




Convert an old medicine cabinet into a cute cabinet to store only your hair appliances. You’ll need to break out some tools for this project and get creative with the fabric you choose to use for the background. But trust me, it will look awesome once you’re finished with your pretty new cabinet.


How do you organize your hair tools? Did you try any of these projects? Which project is your favorite?

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