15 Of The Best Snek Memes You Need To See Right Now

How do you feel about snakes? If you’re like most people, you’re probably not super into them. They’re responsible for that whole “fall of man” thing (allegedly), after all, and ever since then, their reception in the public eye hasn’t exactly gotten any better. Aesop continued to characterize them as sneaky, slimy, not-to-be-trusted creatures (remember “The Farmer And The Viper“?), and to this day, calling someone a “snake” isn’t really something that can ever really be considered a compliment. But clearly, some Snake’s Rights Activists have been hard at work on a PR campaign as of late–the result is a glorious new meme called, simply, “snek.”

It’s a meme that takes after the form of another popular, long-standing Internet meme, Doge, by taking images of snakes and superimposing faux-bravado nonsensical dialogue over it.  It’s surprisingly adorable–Nick Douglas wrote a piece about the meme over at The Daily Dot that points out, “Snek turns snakes into ferocious little guys pathetically trying to assert themselves.” Indeed, some may balk at the fact that a snake is the face of this meme, but I’d wager that very few people will be able to look through this post without feeling their heart make at least a little room for Snek Culture. So, Snake’s Rights Activists, looks like you did a good job. Check out the best snek memes you need to see right now:

1. Here is the first known example of Snek, according to Know Your Meme. It’s adorable:

2. Snek is kind:



3. Snek is smart:



4. Snek is important:



5. Snek has also become the subject of some great Internet comics:


6. I mean:






8. Snek is also running for president, apparently:


9. Snek does pull off a top hat like no one else can, after all:



10. As well as a flower crown:



11. Snek is self-sufficient:



12. At the end of the day, snek is changing the perception of snakes everywhere:



13. I mean, they’re so dang adorable:



14. Don’t you agree?


15. Here. Just look at this comprehensive collection of snek memes:


What do you think of snek? Which one is your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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