13 Guys Who Literally Have No Idea What Makeup Is

Guys, as most of you are bound to have heard at this point, are not super into makeup. In fact, they–“they” being the the straight, cis men–generally claim to hate it. They prefer a natural girl, of course–the kind who washes her face by splashing it vigorously with water, who laughs daintily as she consumes bowlful after bowlful of plain arugula (the only sustenance she ever deigns to eat, of course), and, of course, a girl who eschews makeup in all forms. (You know, the kind of girl who doesn’t actually exist.) They assume that girls who wear too much makeup are faking them out, somehow. They insist upon taking a girl swimming on the first date (because not only will that wash off any contour, the fastest way to get a girl to fall for you is to take her to your local YMCA so you can hang out with the Senior Aqua Aerobics team).

There’s a bit of a fallacy within this logic, though. Much of the time, these guys who so vehemently oppose makeup seem to be pretty confused about what girls actually look like when they wear it. Like, they literally have no idea what makeup actually is, meaning that any stance they have on it–pro, con, whatever–is basically useless.  Check out these guys who, if you were to ask them point-blank, would have to admit that they literally have no idea what makeup actually is:

1. The guys who love these “natural”-looking celebs:


2. The guys who love it when you don’t makeup (not that they actually know what that looks like):


3. This guy who has no idea what foundation looks like:


4. The guys who literally cannot handle the truth:




6. This guy who dared speak ill of the name of contouring:


7. This guy who at least…tried to understand what makeup is:

8. This guy who tried to do his girlfriend’s makeup (though perhaps with a little less effort than the guy before):


9. This guy who proved why guys, as a whole, are absolutely useless when it comes to makeup in any form:


10. And this guy:


11. This one too:


12. And, finally, the guys who just can’t understand why you don’t care about what they think:


13. Say it again for the people in the back:


What do you think of guys with such strong opinions on makeup? Which of these posts was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Andrea

    I don’t even apply make up. I feel fine without it. Yes, we still exist. Haha 🙂

  • Mercedes

    $20 for a sponge lmao for that price it better soak up my sins ????

  • Quoth

    I don’t wear make up and my bf says I’m beautiful all the time. :3

    Not gloating or bashing girls who wear make up though, its a personal preference is all. Plus I’m lazy as hell and putting on make up is a lot of work.

  • roguehands

    Reading this pisses me off lol