18 Social Media Posts That Explain You If You’re Super Clingy In Relationships

For certain personality types, it can be difficult to not get clingy in relationships. You’re just a very loving, loyal person who maybe goes overboard every once in a while! You probably shouldn’t have told him you wanted to marry him on your fourth date, but you’re learning. Some people don’t mind clingy partners, but most find it at least a bit annoying. I think it’s understandable. People need their space, and being independent is a sign of high self esteem, which is ideal to many of us. Being clingy can be suffocating and very frustrating for the other person.

I definitely have a clingy track record. I rarely really like a guy, so when I do I’m all in. I’m basically like, “Okay, we get along…let’s just hang out all the time, okay?!” The guy is like, “Nooooooope!” and I never see him again. *sigh* The majority of my adult life has been trying to hide any clinginess lurking inside of me. HAHAHA I’M AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN WHO DOESN’T NEED TO CUDDLE YOU 24/7 PLEASE DATE ME! Unfortunately, I’m rarely able to fool anyone. I’m at the point where I’m not exactly ashamed of this personality trait, although I do try to control it because I don’t like to be overbearing.

At least I can know that I’m not alone! Girls get an unfair bad rep for being clingy, but tons of dudes are like that too. If you tend to be overly clingy in relationships, you’ll totally relate to these posts:

1. Sometimes you’re obviously clingy, and other times you’re just really good at keeping it a secret.


2. You just love cuddling!


3. You tell people you’re not clingy even though you know the truth will come out eventually.


4. You try to pretend that you’re not.






6. But you really need attention.


7. You relate to this dog.


8. You are Zayn.


9. You are this baby.

When you've had a long/tiring as hell day but your #girlfriend too #clingy for life #Cutest #Baby

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10. You are also this jaguar.

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11. It can extend to inanimate objects…


12. Hey…at least you’re not a cheater!


13. It’s an all-day thing.


14. It’s just who you are!



15. Some people hate it.

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16. They’ll complain about it to your friends.



17. This meme always hits a little too close to home.

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18. It’s okay…a lot of us are clingy.

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Are you clingy in relationships? Let me know in the comments below!

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