13 Surprising Things You’ll Actually Miss About High School

Senior year is almost over, and I’m betting that most of you can’t wait to finally get out of your lame high school and your even more lame hometown. Most seniors are so excited about their fast-approaching future as an adult that they forget there are some things about high school they might actually miss. Yes, even if you are the person who absolutely hates high school, there are things about the experience you’re going to mourn for one day soon. And hey, you only get one go-around when it comes to high school, so if you’re already mentally checked out, you may want to stop and take it all in before it vanishes in a few months. Seriously.

I’m dating myself here, but my 10 year high school reunion Facebook group popped off with a zillion “OMG remember when” posts. And you know what? I don’t. I don’t remember most of it, because I was too busy getting stoked about never seeing these people again after graduation (with a few exceptions). I regret it. There’s a lot more to appreciate about high school than you may think. You’re never going to be in an environment exactly like it again, and while that may be a mostly positive thing, it can also be sad. So, even if you’re counting down the days until graduation, read on… here are 13 surprising things you’ll miss about high school: 

1) Those quick catch-ups between classes with your friends.

Those precious few minutes where you *knew* you would walk past your bestie and duck in to the bathroom to catch up. Hallways don’t function that way anymore once you’re out of high school. Lockers don’t even exist unless you’re at the gym. And, the saddest note, your friends probably won’t even be at school with you.


2) Field trips.

BLESS FIELD TRIPS. Unless your college courses require an immersive study of something, you’re not going to take a big trip as a class en masse to go anywhere. If anything it may be, “go check out this thing on your own time and come back so you can write about it.”


3) Having a locker.

Ugh, what I would have given for somewhere to ditch my stuff on campus without having to go all the way back to my dorm room. If you have a few classes in a row, you’ll have to carry all of your stuff around in order to make it there on time.


4) Having friendly relationships with teachers even if you haven’t taken their class. 

A teacher NOT knowing who you are sounds weird, right? Not so weird when you’re in a lecture hall of maybe 50 other students and that teacher teaches three different sessions of that course that semester. Getting to know 150 names, strengths, weaknesses, idiosyncrasies, and being able to give them each individual attention? I don’t think so. In college, most of your professors may not even recognize you.


5) Walking to class in five minutes.

This applies to girls who are going to large colleges. Walking to class in college could take a shuttle ride and a brisk ten minute walk. Everything being in the same building is going to be a thing of the past, for the most part.


6) Being able to make up work.

Missing a class in college makes you feel like you’re so behind. Like, a whole chapter behind that your teacher is never going to review again. And good luck if you miss an exam, because those make-ups are even harder to come by.


7) Using Sparknotes.

To be clear, as a staunch member of Team Read The Book, I don’t condone the use of Sparknotes. However! You can definitely Sparknotes any classic novel or Shakespearian play. What you can’t Sparknotes is that stack of articles your teacher assigned because it’s for a specialized field. Oops.


8) Seeing the same kids every day.

I’m not talking about the specific kids from your high school. Like I said, not everyone had a positive experience. You might never know everyone in your science lecture hall, and that’s okay, but you’ll miss knowing everyone’s name and something small about them. That part was comforting and it’s barely going to happen in college.


9) Having a set schedule.

I loved making my schedule in college, but it changes depending on the semester and you had to scramble to get the good classes. Your friends might have class during your free time and visa versa, and that never happened in high school. Of course, being able to take classes you’re actually interested in during college isa massive perk, but in high school, everyone was free after last period, no matter what and that was low-key kind of nice.


10) Massive school-wide events.

Things like homecoming and prom are put in place to foster a sense of community. In college, you may have a massive event, but it’s typically for only one organization or major, not the entire school. Sometimes you’ll get lucky, but they aren’t set in stone, universal experiences, they’ll just be specific to you.


11) Having money.

You have to buy your own tampons and deodorant in college! I used to laugh at the stereotype of the poor college student until it became a reality. You may think your financial life will be completely different once you’re in college, but think again. Unless you have time to be a full time student and at least have a part time job, you’re going to feel the very real pain of being poor.


12) Breaking rules.

There’s just breaking laws in college. You used to sneak out to see a boy or have more than one friend in your car and that felt dangerous and exciting, but without the constraints of your school or your parents, what else is there to rebel against?


13) Being with your friends all the time. 

It’s not surprising that you’ll miss your friends. But sometimes you get so caught up in the excitement of the new things happening that you forget how much you’re really going to miss your friends always being there. Your friend group will never really be the same after high school, and that’s sad.

Which of these high school things will you miss the most? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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