17 Things That Perfectly Explain You If You Cry Too Much

How often do you cry? If you’re like most people, it’s probably about once or twice a month, but if you’re anything like I was in high school, it’s more like one or two times a day. And that’s a conservative estimate–for whatever reason, when I was in high school, there was nothing that I loved more than a good bawl. Sometimes, you just need some straight-up catharsis, and crying is the best way to do that, after all. I cried if I got a bad grade on a math test (which was pretty often). I cried if my friend sent me a text message that read a little passive-aggressive. I cried if I realized that I’d need to get gas on my way to school, not on the way home as I’d been planning.

I don’t cry as much anymore–in fact, I’m pretty sure that I used up all of my tears in high school, since I hardly ever cry anymore–but I can definitely relate to anyone who feels like they start weeping any inconvenience or slight, whether it’s real or perceived. And, judging by the Internet as a whole, it seems like there are a whole lot of easily-inspired criers out there. Sound like you? If so, check out these posts that perfectly explain you if you cry too much:

1. This is you:


2. This is you, too:


3. This is literally so you:



4. The littlest things can set off waterworks:


5. Like, really. It hardly takes anything:


6. Anything can start it:


7. This is literally how you party:


8. You relate so hard to that crying piccolo girl from last year:


9. You’ve probably said this before:



10. This too:

11. This is you every day:


12. This is a study tip that you can actually use:

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13. Every time you go on social media, it’s just like *weep* *weep* *weep*:


14. Your Google search history looks something like this:



15. But at the end of the day, you know it’s nothing to be ashamed of:


16. After all, you’re just ~expressing~ yourself:


17. So, you know what? Carry on. You’re among great company:

Do you cry a lot? Which of these posts was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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