17 Of The Best Responses To The Infamous “Send Me A Pic” Text

It’s no surprise that the time a guy you just met asks you to “send a pic” often coincides with the time you lose respect for him. It’s a sure sign of a f*ckboi, which is not the type of person you’re looking to get involved with. That’s because you’re like, “I love myself and deserve to be with someone who doesn’t ask me anyone questions like that, thank you very much!” If he wants to know what you look like, he can just go to your instagram! #Hello #2016

Still, some guys are gross and persistent. They will not give up the quest to get naked pictures from girls they hardly know, or girls they do know (Sometimes perseverance isn’t a great quality.) JUST STAHP. While you’re allowed to do whatever you want with your body and your camera, sending nudes is never really a great idea. For one thing, the possibility that he’ll show other people is real. For another, if you’re underage, you could technically get arrested for child pornography. How messed up is that?

When guys are gross, you often don’t want to just ignore the text and move on with your life – you want to get back at him. Maybe toy with his emotions for a bit. Maybe make him regret ever sending that infamous text message. Here are the best responses anyone has sent for being asked, “Send me a pic”:

1. When he can’t take the hint and you’re like:

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2. Why not fake him out?


3. You can also choose to get super literal.

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5. Maybe try sending him something sensual.

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6. Did he specify which type of nudes he wanted? No? Then this is valid!


7. Hey, the word can mean more than one thing.

I have the cutest pussy


8. This seems very fair.

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9. The dirtier the better.


10. Keep some pictures on file…


11. Just in case.

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12. Play with his emotions.



13. Get existential.



14. This response could also work.

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15. Maybe you misheard?




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17. Guys just don’t get it.



Have you ever been asked to “send a pic?” How did you respond? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • This is bs. Girls ask for d-pix all the time so stop acting like you don’t like or want them

    • Bleed Peroxide

      Awwww, I’m guessing someone didn’t like your shriveled mango 🙁

    • NoNeed7S

      Yeah there’s a difference between a girl and a woman, just like there is a difference between a man and a boy. If you send dick pics you are a boy. And no woman will want that limp biscuit.

      • Says you. You don’t speak for all women.

        • NoNeed7S

          I do actually as we all congregate to laugh at the pics we are sent. There’s even a website where we upload and women rate them.

          Girls on the other hand are desperate and will do anything that women do not do. Please stop confusing the two

          • Stop typing. Your delusions are silly. No one cares about your “feminism”

          • NoNeed7S

            Ah the typical I don’t have anything intelligent to reply with so I will tell you to shut up and insult you response that you think will give you the “upper hand” but it actually reveals you to be the idiot you really are. Wow, you’re a ‘winner”. No wonder woman diss you.

            Being a woman with standards is not feminism so please stop trying to look smart because you’re not. All you are doing is revealing that you know stuff all about women. Girls yes but not women.

            Again for the third time – stop confusing the two!

          • Women diss me? Tell that to my steady girlfriend of years.

            Listen up Troll. You’re not the authority on anything. Not all women and certainly nothing about me. Go wear your pussy hat and keep dreaming that you know anything about the world.

          • NoNeed7S

            If you have a gf why are you chatting to other girls?
            Wow you are a special kind of stupid

            AGAIN LITTLE BOY KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A GIRL AND A WOMAN! How is it so difficult for you to get that? Oh wait, You’re STUPID

            I can tell the difference between a man and a boy, so why are you not comprehending this? Have you met every women on this planet to suffice that all women ask for dic pics? No, you haven’t, but being a women, who has open discussions with women from across the globe, I do know the what the hell I’m talking about. You don’t, you just pull shit out of your ass based on 5 little girls who dare to ask you for one pic.

          • NoNeed7S

            I find it hilarious that you base your comment on your experience of a few girls asking you for a pic but know stuff all about me and what I do for a living yet you want to preach to me about me not knowing you? A bit hypocritical that is!

            you = a few girls want a pic
            me = research done with women across the globe.

            So out of the two of us who is talking crap? YOU because you base your comment on your tiny square metre you possess on this planet, whilst mine is actual research done through out the planet. Wow. If anyone here has delusions of grandeur about how much they know about this world its you. I suggest you get off your backside and actually live life!

          • Says the feminazi trying to speak for all women. #GTFO

          • NoNeed7S

            Yes because I am a woman and you are not! #FreeSpeech, #StopReplyingIfYouDontLikeMeReplying

  • Love it haha ♥