7 Girls Share How They Use Humping As A Way Of Masturbation

When it comes to the topic of masturbation, vibrators, fingers, and sex toys are the methods that typically first come to mind. But why are we leaving out humping? “Humping?” Yes, I’m talking about humping an object, such as a pillow or stuffed animal, as another method  to find pleasure without the help of a partner. If you’ve never given humping much thought, I bet you are now.

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Some girls claim to achieve quick powerful orgasms just from humping something. The stimulation you get from rubbing your labia on something firm is what makes humping so pleasurable. If you feel like you missed the whole memo on humping, it’s not entirely your fault. Most girls discover the pleasures of humping, by accident. If you’re in a certain position where your vagina rubs against something and you find it pleasurable, right there you’ll discover the world of humping. After some careful investigation, a post taken from our boards asks readers about humping techniques: indieblues A lot of girls talk about humping on here and I’ve tried, but I can’t seem to get properly turned on or oragsm. Any advice? What object do you hump on and what movements do you use?

So what are the best humping techniques to get turned on? We gathered some helpful advice from our readers that will answer some of your humping questions. Here are seven ways on how to use humping as a way of masturbation:

Use Your Cell Phone On Vibrator Mode

digurl said:

Has anybody ever tried humping their cell phone? If not, you have to try it. Put it on vibrate mode, hold it by your vagina, and hump away. I figured out a way to make mine vibrate for long periods of time by holding down the volume button, then I use it to hit the sweet spots. Amazing!

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Use A Large Stuffed Animal

Breezy said:

Try using a large stuffed animal to get off. Straddle the teddy bear and position yourself to wear it's rubbing against your clitoris. I have a large teddy bear that I hump a lot mostly at night while in bed.

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Use The Arm Of A Couch

laurakitty said:

I love using the arm of a couch to hump when masturbating. It's nice and hard so just a few humps gets me to orgasm. Just make sure no one is around or home so you could use the couch freely.

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On Top Of A Guy

digurl said:

TBH I woud rather hump on a boy's hard penis than something artificial. I love when we are kissing and I can feel his penis getting hard in his pants so I start to hump it and it feels so awesome. I'll hump a guy's penis even fully clothed, it's still an amazing feeling.

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Try A Pillow Between Your Legs

Fantasygirl425 said:

I usually use a pillow to hump when I'm turned on. I just go up and down or squeeze my legs together. i get a lot by squeezing my legs and doing this motion. I'll even push the pillow down hard on my vagina so it's even more pressure as I hump it.

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Use The Corner Of Your Mattress

kyliebishop said:

Humping something firm works best, like the corner of a mattress. A mattress is always a guarantee for me and fast way to orgasm. Just position yourself on the corner, lean over the bed (helps if the bed is waist high) and then do your thing until you're satisfied.

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Try A Small Stuffed Toy

wierdo_12 said:

I use a little stuffed toy to hump because I find that it's easier to handle. I'm able to position it right in between my legs on my vagina and I'll just keep humping it until I orgasm.

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Have you tried any of these humping techniques? Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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