12 Things That Will Definitely Happen The First Time You Hook Up With Your BFF

Most of us probably won’t admit it, but at some point we’ve all had a little crush on one of our BFFs. The reason we won’t talk about it is because the thought of hooking up with a best friend might scare the bejesus out of some of us. Judging from movies, TV shows, books, and personal experiences, we all know that it’s way too easy to ruin a friendship when you come clean about your romantic feelings. Maybe you really wanted to act upon these feelings and just ask your best friend out, but were too hesitant to do so. You can’t help but constantly think, “What if it ruins our friendship? I don’t want to lose this person from my life.”

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All of these “what ifs” run through your mind, but you still can’t help but really wonder what it would be like to hook up with your best friend. For those who were brave enough to take a risk and go for it, kudos to you! For others who are more doubtful to turn a friendship into a relationship because they’re afraid of the outcome, I feel your pain. Thinking about going through with it even though you’re nervous? Maybe you should! Honestly, you never know what could happen. If you want to get an idea of what things will be like once you take the plunge, here are 12 things that will happen the first time you hook up with your best friend. It’s better to be prepared!


1. Your friendship could become something more… very quickly. 


This could be good or bad, depending on what you’re looking for. Because you guys are already so close, your friendship can quickly become a really intense romantic relationship. If that’s what you want, great! But if you just want a casual hookup situation, you need to be honest about that from the beginning… before things get awkward.


2. Your mutual friends will most likely find out and everyone will talk about it. 

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Be prepared for your mutual friend group to all find out about this hook up…. which means they’ll have something to say. Get ready for a whole bunch of teasing.


3. You’ll hear a lot of unwanted opinions. 

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Be expected for a lot of opinions from people, even if you didn’t ask them what they thought about your hookup. That doesn’t mean you need to listen to these opinions… it just means to be aware that it will probably happen.


4. There will be awkward moments no matter what. 

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Remember, the two of you were pals, friends, car pool buddies. You were never romantic with one another, so the first kiss between you two will almost definitely be awkward in some way. This could be good awkward (meaning a cute story) or bad awkward (meaning you want to hide under your covers and never come out).


5. You’ll have to hear “I told you this would happen!” at least a million times.


You’ll hear “I told you this would happen” more times than you care to hear, whether it’s from friends or family members. If you’ve dealt with endless teasing about your friendship for a while, you’ll expect this. But if you’ve never heard it, you might feel shocked… and maybe a bit pleased.


6. You won’t really know how to act around each other until things are more defined. 


Even if the hookup was amazing and you’re both so happy, things are still confusing and a little awkward. You won’t know how to act around each other until you’ve figured out what’s going to happen between you both. That’s normal – your relationship just went from platonic to really steamy. It’s a complicated time!


7.  It probably won’t feel real because you’ve been thinking about it for so long.


The moment that you’ve been dreaming about for so long finally happened and it feels like a dream. You pictured this special moment between you and your BFF for a while now, so when the big moments finally comes, it’s hard to believe it’s actually happening. You’ll definitely have a slightly out-of-body experience.


8. The fate of your friendship will be revealed. 

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Are you guys going to start a romantic relationship and be together 4eva (or at least for a few years)? Are you going to laugh off the hookup and remain close friends? Or are you going to turn on each other and never speak again? Only time will tell! But hey, at least you’ll know? I don’t know. Still doesn’t seem great.


9. Even if you’re enjoying it, you’ll feel weird about what you’re doing.

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As much as you’re enjoying this special moment between you and your best friend, what you’re doing is still going to feel a little weird. You went from viewing this person as a good friend to being more intimate with them. It will probably take some time to get used to the fact that you just hooked up with your best friend.


10.  You’ll feel relieved that it finally happened, regardless of the outcome. 


Whether you have a fairytale ending or things get bad fast, you’ll feel better knowing that you guys finally tried what felt inevitable. Sometimes that’s better than just wondering forever.


11. You’ll find out how they actually feel about you. 

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Once you guys hook up, you’ll see how this person really feels about you. If they’re stoked and have romantic feelings towards you, they’ll probably tell you. If they feel awkward, like they made a mistake, you’ll be able to pick up on it. Again, it’s better to know than to wonder forever.


12.  And you’ll also figure out how you actually feel about them. 


Hey, just because you dreamed about the hookup for a long time doesn’t mean you’re going to be thrilled when it’s done! Maybe it was more of a sexual tension thing. In that case, you might feel like you made a mistake and don’t want anything further with this person. That’s okay! You might also realize that your feelings are deeper than you thought. Sometimes it takes a hookup to really make things clear.


Have you ever hooked up with your best friend? How was your experience? Tell us in the comments below!

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