15 Easy Things Everyone Should Be Doing That We’re Just Too Lazy To Do

There are a lot of things we all know we should be doing that we never actually do. This includes going to the doctor regularly, being nice to your parents more often, paying attention to financial responsibilities, and regularly doing the reading in school. Life moves quickly, and many of us are too lazy to do every single little thing that needs to get done. And while I strongly believe you should make time for what works for you, I also know that are little things we could all do, that won’t take up that much time and would make our lives easier.

Let me give you an example of what I mean: I get a lot of emails all day long while I’m at work. If I could just respond to my emails in a timely fashion, like when they come in, my work life would probably be a whole lot easier. Instead, I push them aside, think I’ll answer them later, and then leave them piled up for a day when I’m exceptionally busy and absolutely have to answer. Does this make sense? No, but it happens, and not only to me.

So, I really appreciated this Ask Reddit thread on easy things everyone should be doing that we’re all just too lazy to do. Make at least half of these things a habit, and you’ll change your life for the better. Seriously!

Back Up Everything On Your Computer

Firsttimeimhere: Back up your data.

OMG yes. Backing up your important data takes, like, five extra minutes, and can be SUCH a lifesaver. If you have important documents or pictures on your computer, buy yourself a flash drive and back everything up. If anything ever happens to your computer, you'll be so grateful you did. The same goes for your phone - back up your photos and anything else that is important. You can plug it into your computer, or download a free app like Google Photo, which downloads all the pictures you take on its own. It couldn't be easier, but most of us NEVER do it, then curse ourselves when we lose things.

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Do Kegels

crazyrunninglady: Kegels

This sounds funny, but it's true. Kegels are little vaginal exercises that keep your vagina healthy and in shape. It sounds ridiculous, but kegels can be done literally anywhere - you just contract and release your pelvic muscles as if you have to pee and you're trying to hold it in. No one can tell you're doing them, so you can do it in the middle of class.

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Take Advantage Of Coupons

DontTrustmyResearch: Coupons. My mom is a fucking wizard when it comes to that shit. I'll casually mention I need razors and she'll call me a week later and tell me I owe her 5 bucks for enough razors to last me a year. I hate her guts, but she can take twenty dollars and an hour of time and come back with my entire shopping list and change.

Coupons can be such money-savers... the only issue is that going through them, saving them, and actually remembering to use them takes a little extra effort. But if you can put just a little time into clipping the coupons you'll use and sticking them in your wallet, you can save lots of money. Technology makes it easier - there are free apps like Retail Me Not, which allows you to search for coupon codes for almost any store or website in seconds.

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Call Your Grandparents

Teillu: Phone your grandma and say you love her.

Ugh, this one hurts my heart. Take the time to call your close family members to let them know you care and love them. You don't have to just call your grandma and be like, "Hey, I love you." Call to say hi, see how she's doing, tell her you miss her. It can be anyone! But reaching out to the people you love is so important. Most of us don't do this enough, and when those people are gone, we regret it.

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8nate: Meditate. I used to do it. I wasn't that great on it, but I do think it improved my mood during a rough period. I did it for only 20 minutes a day and it doesn't seem like a lot, but finding 20 quiet minutes in today's world is more difficult than it has any right to be. But it's worth and I'm going to try to get back into it.

Meditation doesn't take much time at all and is so important and helpful, especially for anyone with anxiety. It's a great way to relax and de-stress, and so many people don't take advantage of it. Just do it before bed! I promise you have time.

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Get The Dust Of Your Computer

simonbatterberry: Spray the dust out of our computers. Case in point: My mom and dad's second computer. Power supply got fried after 10 years. We decided on giving this one away and getting another one, but we had to clean it out first. Crack it open and it looks like a frizzy wool blanket is covering the electronics. We get the vacuum and set it to blow, and the whole living room becomes hazy. I had to run out because I couldn't breathe.

Most people don't realize or think about how much dust computer keyboards and computers in general accumulate. It takes only a few minutes to clean the dust out every few weeks, and could potentially save your computer.

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Save A Portion Of Every Paycheck

Strigoi84: Save at least 10 percent of every pay check.

Saving money is tough, and it's definitely easier for some over others. But putting aside a small amount of your paycheck every week should be a priority. Most people don't like to do it, but it works in your favor in the long run! Putting aside $5 a week is nothing, but after three months, that's $60, which is decent!

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Fielder57: Exercise. The amount of people in my office who can't even walk up stairs without getting out of breath is scary. It takes an hour, one 23rd of your day to go to the gym.

/P> I know. You're very busy. You have school and/or work and social obligations and you have to do homework and you have to clean and you have to provide food for yourself and you have to make time to relax. I get it. The thing is, you almost definitely have 20 minutes to work out each day. Put the phone down, step away from the computer, and do something for at least 20 minutes. Exercise is so important for your health, and so many of us ignore it because we say we don't have time. We actually have to make the time, and it's easier than it seems.

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Clean As You Go

HandsomeBGorgeous: Clean as you go. Seriously, I learned that shit at McDonalds and now anytime I cook I never leave any mess in the sink.

If you can learn how to clean up as you go instead of making a mess and leaving everything for one day, your life will change. It cuts down on a ton of time and makes you a more organized, productive person. Keep in mind that as I say this, I keep glancing at a glass of water that has been sitting in my room for three days because I keep forgetting to take it down to the kitchen every single time I leave my room.

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Do Your Research

TonyzTone: Research stuff. Like seriously, it astounds me the amount of shit that people just don't know. To them, it seems like I'm super smart or something but in truth, I just read Wikipedia and few relevant articles a few days back because the though popped into my head and I wanted to know. My ex-girlfriend bought a car and pretty much paid full price for it. The payments were stressing her out and she was upset because she had no one to guide her through the process. I would've gladly helped her, if she had given me the time and didnt' decide to buy it within 3 days of even mentioning it, but I just couldn't begin to understand how she would make a massive life decision without at least first Googling "how to buy a car."

It really is scary how many people don't look into things before doing them. If you don't know something, you're lucky enough to live in the world of Google - it takes two seconds to look it up and it could change everything!

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Wake Up A Little Earlier

WeRAllOne: Get up early in the morning, about 530 or 6, and have a routine to get the day started. For instance, meditation, a little running and cooking yourself breakfast to be ready for the day. However I feel most of us (myself included) roll out of bed at the last second and throw clothes on and run out the door.

Having a morning routine will make your days so much more pleasant and you so much less anxious and rushed. Just do it!

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Cook For Yourself

AintNoSunshyne: Cook home meals. Out of all the people I know, friends and coworkers, only a handful including myself take the time to make lunch and dinner for the weekdays. Even less go beyond "throw ragu on some noodles." It's not hard if you can follow instructions and in the long run is cheaper than going out and buying food from your favorite restaurants.

Cooking for yourself isn't as tough as it sounds. You don't need to be a master chef to do it! Instead of wasting all of your money on takeout, try making your own things. Look online at easy recipes that are offered all over the place, watch YouTube videos or The Food Network, buy a recipe book... just do it at least a few times a week!

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Try New Things

BayushiKazemi: If you've ever thought "_____ would be a cool thing, I wish I could do that" or "_____ is cool, I want to know more", then look into it. Take 30min a day to study the thing and to practice it and to actually learn it. This can apply to languages, drawing, skating, skiing, swimming, basket weaving, shark punching, underwater first aid, haunted dolls, Sarah, conic sections in non-Euclidean space, etc.

Yes, this is always easier said than done, but making a little time each day to work on something new makes you a smarter, more well-rounded person. Seriously - put down your phone for 20 minutes and use that time to do something new.

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Change Your Sheets

I_Am_Not_A_Legend: Change your beddings and sheets weekly.

Be honest: when was the last time you changed your sheets? Probably a while ago (unless your mom handles it). Sheets get filthy pretty quickly, and you should be washing or changing them once a week or even once every two weeks. It really doesn't take very long.

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_Aj_: Read a good book for just 10 mins a day. A good book on finances, personality, self development, etc. Anything on a best seller list that actually improves your life.

Reading is such a great way to educate yourself and open your mind. It can be hard to find the time, but if you put aside a few minutes every day or just a few days a week, you can do it. You don't need to read American classics - it can even just be a magazine.

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