7 Tips You Need To Know To Avoid Queefing During Sex

Sometimes weird things happen during sex that make us want to crawl under the covers and live there forever – queefing is one of those things. If you’ve ever experienced what feels like a fart out of your vagina, that is queefing. It sounds silly and gross, but it’s really just excess air being pushed out of your vagina, which results in a funny noise that sounds like a fart. A random queef during a steamy hookup will happen to all of us from time to time, and it is honestly nothing to stress over. Queefing is inevitable, and we have to just go with it.

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But do we really, though? I mean, you’re telling me that in a world where we can answer phone calls on a watch, we can’t avoid a vaginal fart during sex? The truth is, there are ways to try to avoid queefing when hooking up with somebody… and while these tips might work, I can’t promise that they will make your experience more enjoyable overall. I strongly suggest just accepting queefing for what it is, but if you can’t, I’m here to help. Here are seven unexpected ways to avoid queefing during sex 

Don't Bend Over During Sex

Certain sex positions could definitely cause excess air to get trapped inside your vagina, leading to a queef. To limit your chances of queefing, avoid positions that require you to bend over, such as doggie style. When your pelvis is lifted in the air during sex, it literally creates a passageway for air to get into your vagina. Stick to positions that will not cause you to be "face down, booty up."

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Avoid Deep And Fast Penetration

Another way to reduce air getting stuck in your vagina is by avoiding fast and deep penetration, AKA jackrabbit style sex. The kind of sex that's super aggressive and intense will definitely cause you to nonstop queef. By switching up the positions, your partner won't have the ability to thrust fast and deep if you're in control.

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Insert A Finger Into Your Vagina Between Positions

To move trapped air out of your vagina, try fingering yourself when changing positions or whenever you feel the need to. By inserting a finger into your vagina, it will help the air escape without the annoying queef noise.

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Avoid Incorporating Sex Toys

Although sex toys could be great to use during sex, they do contribute to queefing. If sex toys, such as dildos, are used for penetration, they will cause air to get trapped inside your vagina the same way a penis does. If you can't part ways with your sex toy during sex, try using a vibrator on just your clitoris or the outside of your vagina so you don't have to worry about any air getting stuck.

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Try Going On Top

When you're on top during sex, you can easily control the motion you and bae are doing. Try rocking your hips back and forth so air doesn't have the ability to make its way into your vagina, the way thrusting does.

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Avoid Having Your Partner Pull Out Very Far

When your partner pulls out his penis really far in between thrusts, it allows for a great amount of air to get into your vagina, causing serious queefing. Have your partner focus his movement more on grinding, rather than thrusting.

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Stop Stressing

Queefing is kind of inevitable. It may still happen even after taking precautonary measures, but just go with the flow if a queef pops out during sex. Your partner probably won't make as big of a deal out of it as you assume they will. Laugh it off and continue enjoying the sex.

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