16 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Describe The Struggle Of Being In College

It is hard to know how, exactly, one is meant feel about college. On one hand, it is, as most people will tell you, a very fun time. During the  four years that you’re a college student (sometimes less, sometimes more, depending on your courseload and/or dedication to the craft of “turning up”), you will make great, lasting friendships, connect with professors, and have seemingly unlimited time to lounge on a grassy knoll (usually referred to as a “quad”) to watch your peers toss around frisbees and baseballs. Ah, the thrill of it all!

Being in college is a privilege, after all, and an expensive one at that. It’s just that sometimes–you know, when exams are piling up, you’ve eaten the cafeteria’s “spicy seafood stew”for three days in a row, and your heart feels as though it might be on the brink of spontaneous combustion due to all of the caffeine you’re drinking–it doesn’t really feel like one. And where might one turn when they’re feeling conflicted about college? Why, Twitter, obviously. Check out these tweets that just get the struggle of being in college:

1. A reasonable reaction to exams, TBH:


2.When you put in the work and get exactly the results you want:


3. Doing your very best to stay positive:


4. Even though you…don’t feel too great about anything, really:


5. Then, there’s the cost:


6. College, if you haven’t heard, is expensive:


7. Very expensive:


8. Unconscionably expensive:


9. Not that there isn’t a reason for it, obviously:


10. *Cries*


11. *Weeps*


12. *Dry heaves*


13. I mean, those babies follow you:


14. This is the April Fool’s trickery we need to see more of!! (Ahem, Trader Joe’s):


15. When your dreams of upward mobility are crudely shattered:


16. Well, here it is. This what your real problem has been all along:

Are you in college? Which of these tweets was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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