11 Cute And Easy DIY Projects To Organize Your Earbuds

Along with your favorite lip gloss and cell phone, I’m sure your earbuds are a necessity you always have in your bag. The ability to listen to your favorite music all day long, wherever you are, is a magical thing. You most likely need your earbuds almost everywhere you go – the gym, public transportation, at your desk, etc. Unfortunately, as we all know, earbuds get tangled literally the second they land in our bag. If they’re not working themselves into one giant, complicated knot, then they are getting lost or broken, or losing the little rubber things that make them actually comfortable.

The good news is that there are numerous solutions to this first-world problem. Maybe you’ve never given much thought to organizing your earbuds, but you should, and I’m here to help. After extensive research (AKA spending some quality time on DIY Pinterest boards), I can tell you that if you try at least one of these projects, you will never have to dig into your bag spending precious time searching for or untangling your earbuds. Here are 11 cute and easy DIY projects that will keep your earbuds neat, organized, and in one place. And, hey, they look really cute too!

1. Make a fun fabric zippered pouch to hold your earbuds so that you never again find them destroyed at the bottom of your bag. 



By just using a fun fabric of your choice, a zipper, and a key ring, you’ll always know where your headphones are with this super easy idea.


2. A furry friend can hold your phone and help keep your earbuds neat.


Source and Tutorial

This adorable pouch not only keeps your earbuds from getting tangled, it also keeps your phone safe. Perfect!


3. Use clothespins as a small organizer for earbuds. 



Back at it again with the clothespin! Use sharpies to doodle or draw polka dots onto a clothespin. Wrap your earbuds cord around the middle of the pin and secure with washi tape.  It’s really that simple!


4. Wrap your earbuds around an old wine cork. 



I suggest buying a fresh wine cork, so you don’t smell wine every time you whip out your earbuds, but you can use an old one too if that works. Poke a hole in one end of the cork to stick your earbud cord into. Wrap the cord around the cork and this project is as simple as that. Not the fanciest thing, but who cares? You won’t when your earbuds are neat!


5. Want something more visually appealing? Try this adorable bow organizer. 



A chic and compact bow organizer will discreetly store your earbuds and keep them tangle free wherever you bring them.


6. Make pretty fabric straps that will hold your earbuds.



Fabric straps with velcro make it super easy and compact to wrap up your ear buds.


7. A cardboard coffee sleeve will help eliminate a tangled mess with your earbuds.




This project will take you probably 30 seconds to make. Cut the coffee sleeve in half, and decorate it, using any color or patterned duct tape to liven up the piece of cardboard. After applying the duct tape, simply wrap your cord around the decorative sleeve.


8. Make a little envelope clutch that can hold earbuds and other small accessories. 



You’ll have to break out your sewing machine for this project, but it will totally be worth it when your end result is this cute and portable.


9. Make your own cord taco to hold your earbuds and other cords. 



Why buy a cord taco when you could make one? These are cool and work great.


10. You can attach this keychain earbud organizer to your keys or purse for easy access.




Anything you can make into a keychain is amazing in my book. An earbud keychain holder is so convenient to have and this project is so easy to make.


11. Roll up your coiled earbuds in this fancy looking holder.



No one will believe you made this expensive looking earbud holder, they’ll totally assume you bought it online. Go you!


Which project do you like best? Did it keep your earbuds tangle free and easy to find? Tell us in the comments below!

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