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Happy April! Now, obviously, I’m not gonna be all lame and try to pull some April Fool’s schtick  on you right now–that Trader Joe’s hoax from yesterday scared me quite enough, thanks–because April Fool’s jokes are lame and dumb, IMO.

But you know what I will do? Let you know what’s in store for you this upcoming month. Between the weather and the fact that the school year is entering its final stretch, April is usually a time of great and tumultuous change–and is, as everyone knows, the cruelest month. So, naturally, you need to be prepared. Not sure how to achieve this? Well, the first step is knowing your horoscope. Check out your April horoscope here: 

 Aries (March 21-April 20):


Happy Birthday! This is your month to shine. You are a born leader, brave and fearless as a general rule.  Putting yourself out there and mingling in new circles will be very good for you this month.  When you feel a resistance to something new you can almost always be sure that there is something super good for you on the other side of that resistance.  Review  your plans and be sure you are headed in the direction you want to go, but there is no rush. By September you will be ready to get the work done. For now, observe and learn.

 Taurus (April 21-May 21):


Lovely lady, this could be the month you meet that special someone. But before that happens, treat yourself how you want to be treated. We attract to us what we are on some level. Get honest with yourself and make the changes that will align you with someone you can rely on and admire. Stability is your natural state so choose people that are good with a slower and more thoughtful pace. There is energy available to you in the spring near your birthday. Find the perfect clothes and activities to really express who you are in the world. This new surge of energy is joyful. Breathe it in. Celebrate like you do.

 Gemini (May 22-June 21):


Yay! Spring is here. In this season, life wakes up and leaves the house. You are supported in your desire for out and about with sunny days and breezy afternoons.  If you have a project in mind, go for it, as you have the support of the season blessing your new directions. Let your ability to communicate lead the show. Ask those questions. Dazzle them with your bright and shiny curiosity. Remember we have one mouth and two ears, so try and listen twice as much as you speak. Everyone loves a good listener. It may not be easy, but it’s worth the effort to develop your listening skills.


 Cancer (June 22-July 23):


Spring has sprung. Involve yourself with fortifying activities to help you wake from the slumber of winter, like cooking soups and eating refreshing veggies. Soon the daffodils will grow and so will you! Get out in the world more, even if it’s just for a walk in the park. Connect with nature to feel your best, plant some flowers, get yourself a hummingbird feeder and marvel at those zippy little wonders.  Gather your strength–the time to make some big moves in new directions is just around the corner. What would make you happy?  Take note of what comes to mind.


Leo (July 24-August 23):


Celebrate the new season with some good old-timey fun, like bubbles and hula-hoops. Laugh as much as possible–you have a talent for feeling joyful. Use it. You might find your heart swelling with emotion this month. Passion is rising and finding your niche is easy now. Explore new territory. Surround yourself with supportive people that you are happy to support too. Any effort you make shows others how it’s done. Don’t hide your talent. Your warmth and encouraging nature are a gift. Shine your sun. The world needs you to get out there and be yourself.


 Virgo (August 24-September 23):


You are going to feel fabulous this month, since the energy to change the old to the new is helping you transform. This is the time to get going on some sort of new and healthy regime. You feel best when you are working towards perfection. Do keep in mind that nothing will ever be perfect so you don’t drive yourself nuts. But, at the same time, there is no reason not to try for it. Send your worries to the earth and notice how peaceful you feel.  Being an earth sign it is important that you connect with nature as much as possible.

 Libra (September 24-October 23):


This month you need to jump in with both feet and take a risk. The Sun is in the sign opposite yours this month. Your opposite is Aries.This can be challenging: Libra is concerned with others and Aries naturally considers themselves first. It may be time to reflect on who you appear to be and consider who you intend to become. It’s easy to get lost in other peoples expectations of us. You know when you are on the right track when you feel peaceful and in harmony with the people around you.  Life begins at the end of our comfort zone.

 Scorpio (October 24-November 22):


You will benefit this month from starting something new, something that requires you to be entirely you. Winter can send us on a journey into the darkness. Luckily, spring has sprung and now you can see the lightness and good in the world. Sometimes your depth makes others uncomfortable, if that is the case they aren’t the right people for you. But you are blessed with incredible insight and an ability to transform the hard stuff into true personal strength, so choose like-minded companions for a more joyful existence. Your intense awareness is your gift to the world. How can you use it?

 Sagittarius (November 23-December 22):


Spring suits you. Now you can get out and burn off some of that fiery energy with adventures in the great outdoors. You are a natural traveler and will feel inspired while you contemplate your next big journey. Your ability to see beyond your own backyard inspires others to reach for the stars. You are a natural born teacher blessed with accurate inner knowing. Others are drawn to your confidence and enthusiasm-remember to be gentle with the truth, not everyone is ready for it. Those who are meant for you will love you for your brave honest way.


Capricorn (December 23-January 20):


This month you will enjoy a huge surge in your ambition. Focus and clarity and energy are all in the cards for you this spring. You are becoming a whole new you–a strong and certain leader is being born. Follow your instincts. Just remember to have some fun, even if that means researching a new idea. Connect to the earth when you need to relax. You have mountains to climb, Capricorn, but don’t forget,where you are now is pretty great too. Take time for review.  Things will be clear and certain any minute now.


Aquarius (January 21-February 19):


  Spring’s breezy energy supports your natural desire to socialize. Get out and mingle, connect with groups and organizations that are making a difference in the world. The rebel in you is there for a reason–changing the world takes a unique vision, a new way to do things. Your eccentric ways are something to be admired so don’t hide who you really are. You are blessed with genius ideas that can lead the whole planet to better ways of doing things. Don’t waste your energy avoiding commitment. Anything worth anything needs time and attention.

Pisces (February 20-March 20):


A breath of fresh air is being sent in your direction. Things are shifting for you. Spring is a beautiful time to be alive. The last month may have been confusing, but you are coming out of the fog to go in new directions. Use your concern for others to create supportive friendships with compassionate people. You can see the potential in people–be honest with yourself about the reality of that person. Remember that when the oxygen mask drops, so to speak, you needs to take a breath for yourself first. Balance and support in relationships will bring happiness. Your guardian angels have answers–just ask.

Was your horoscope right this month? What insight did it give you? Tell us in the comments!

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