15 Of The Most Insane Reasons Why People Have Gotten Blocked By Celebrities

Celebrities, as the old saying goes, are just like us. Much like everyone else, they enjoy their normal, day-to-day activities (such as drinking $200 smoothies and knowing that over a million strangers care about what they do on Snapchat  every day) the only way they know how–while occupying at least two human forms at once, due to being cloned for a variety of licensing purposes. Just like us! And, of course, there is the daily ritual of blocking at least twenty people a day on Twitter or Instagram, since there is nothing that celebrities love more, it would seem, than blocking people on social media.

I have never been blocked by a celebrity, personally, but I do empathize with those who have. Who among us hasn’t felt that raw human urge to spam Justin Bieber with reasonable, level-headed requests for him to sign a legally-binding marriage document so that the two of you may be linked for eternity (or, at the very least, follow you back) or call Gordon Ramsay “daddy” until your phone’s battery dies? But actually engaging in this behavior is fraught with danger–since, you know, doing so might lead to a cold, hard block from a celebrity.

In honor of our fallen brothers and sisters who followed their desires and paid the price, check out these things that you definitely should not do if you want to keep seeing your fave’s tweets on the TL. Or, you know, feel free to switch “don’t” to “do” here if collecting celebrity blocks is something you think you might be into. Not here to kink-shame! Anyway, look:

1. Don’t get too vulnerable with Gordon Ramsay:


2. Don’t call him “daddy,” either:

3. Or ask if you are talented:

4. Or create hilarious Photoshop masterpieces using his form:



5. Gordon!!! (Don’t say “hella rad” in his presence):


6. Don’t tell Justin Bieber what, in his heart of hearts, he already knows to be true:

7. Or say him how you really feel about his dancing:


8. Do not do anything but kiss the earth upon which his two favorite things–his skateboard and Scooter Braun–have passed over:

9. Or ask if he’ll follow you (he would never):


10. Don’t let King Kylie know that you’re a song lyric #truther:


11. Alternately, do do that so you can write about it in your college admissions essay. How could they say no?


12. Don’t send any of those objectively hilarious holiday-themed mass texts to Taylor Swift:

13. Or point out the cracks in her image:



14. Don’t do…whatever this girl did to get blocked by both Drake AND Josh:


15. Don’t tell Ted Cruz that he’s the Zodiac Killer (he knows):

Would you also tweet some of these things? Which one was your fave? Let us know in the comments!
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