7 Cold Hard Truths About High School That You Should Know

Before you know it, the school year will be over and you’ll be out for the summer. Some of you might be starting your next year of high school, but I’m sure plenty of you will actually be leaving high school forever and starting college in the fall. Your high school years will be a part of your past, and you’ll look back with either a good riddance or an extreme sense of sadness.

No matter how you rate your high school experience, you’ll be a lot more thrown off about the differences of a post-high school world than you expect. Will your GPA matter? What about your SAT score? Will those calculus classes really help you in the Real World™? Will you have more or less friends? Here are seven cold hard truths about high school you should know, because life comes at you fast.

High School =/= The Best Days Of Your Life

Don't trust anybody who tries to tell you that your high school years will be the best days of your life. I'm not saying that you shouldn't try to have a good time, and I'm not saying you won't have a lot of amazing memories. I know I do! But that mindset suggests that 17-years-old will be the peak of your life, which is just plain sad. Your best days have yet to come, okay? Hell, your 40s might be amazing while your teen years totally blow. You'll have to wait and see, but don't see high school as the beginning of the end.

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Most Of The Things You Learn In Class Won't Help You In The Future

Your suspicions are officially confirmed: Most of what you learn in school will be absolutely irrelevant for the rest of your life. You'll never really need to know about the periodic table again unless you're taking science or engineering classes in college, and memorizing a Shakesperian sonnet will likely only come in handy during weird trivia. Does that mean you wasted time in high school? Eh, not necessarily. It really depends on your path and how you navigate through the world. Besides, high school does teach you some valuable social skills, so it's not a total waste.

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You'll Leave With Some Unexpected Regrets

If you told me years ago that I would regret not being more adventurous in high school, I would have snorted. And yet, here I am, regretting not doing little things here and there that were outside of my comfort zone. Some regrets you'll have will be silly, but others will be strong enough to change the course of how you proceed with other decisions you make in life. I can't tell you if you'll regret not going to prom, or if you'll regret sticking with cheerleading for as long as you did, but definitely expect to have some unexpected feelings post graduation. My advice? Trust your gut, but don't hesitate to let yourself go every now and then.

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Your Grades Do Matter For One Thing And One Thing Only

Your grades don't necessarily reflect how intelligent you are. They don't represent your worth as a person. You can't let grades control your life. HOWEVER, while grades aren't everything, they really do matter for one thing and one thing only: College applications. You're probably thinking, "uh, duh!" But listen: I think there's a misconception that you can sort of treat your grades as not-so-serious until you hit 11th or 12th grade. Not the case. If you're minimizing the importance of your 9th and 10th grade grades and slack off, good luck bringing your GPA up by the time you're applying to college. Plus, it's not just a good look to have your grades look cruddy so early on. So for the sake of college apps, get your crap together early.

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Nobody Will GAF About Your Grades Or SAT Score Past High School

Yeah, I know, I just talked about how important your grades are. But listen, if you're somebody who is obsessed with good grades, a stellar SAT score, how well you did you AP classes...be prepared for nobody to GAF about any of that the second you graduate high school. Seriously, nobody is going to be impressed by how great your AP Literature grade was. Nobody cares about your score on the essay section of the SAT. NOBODY WILL CARE! So if you've attached a lot of your identity to how amazing your academic performance is, be prepared for a reality check.

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You'll Never See Some Of Your High School Pals Again

I know, this sounds nuts in the social media age, but you'll be surprised. There are people I was pretty close to in high school that I've either never seen since or have only seen a handful of times. An app can help preserve a relationship, but it'll take effort from both sides. Otherwise, you'll just have to keep up with them through Instagram posts.

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Even At Its Best, High School Kind Of Sucks

You might have an amazing high school experience, but high school can still be pretty unideal overall. You have a wake up a lot earlier than you do in college, and possibly even beyond that. You're given very little freedom or flexibility with your time. You constantly have assignments to turn in. Some of the people teaching aren't even that passionate about teaching...and you're surrounded by some pretty terrible people who haven't matured yet. It could be worse, but high school is pretty damn brutal.

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What other cold hard truths are there about high school? Do/did you like high school or nah? Tell us in the comments!

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