7 Signs You’re Going Through Puberty

Bodies are weird. This is true all the time, basically, but especially true (as I am sure many of you have already noticed) when you’re a teenager. One day your body is one way, then, over the course of a few months–or a few weeks, in some cases–it transforms into something…else. You aren’t positive what this new form is, or why it’s even happening, really, you just know that it’s different. Some of you might welcome the change, while others are more like, “full stop, please–I definitely did not ask for boobs at this point in my life,” but, no matter what, it’s changing and there’s not much you can do about it. Yup, welcome to puberty–the weird party to which you never received an official invitation but are still expected to attend and, upon arrival, you find that you aren’t actually able to leave.

Because of the impromptu-party vibe that puberty can have, perhaps you’re…not quite able to tell whether or not you’re going through puberty right now? Not being sure about that isn’t actually as odd as you might think. Bodies and puberty, as we have discussed, are pretty weird, after all, so it’s hard to know exactly what’s up at all times. Check out these signs that you’re going through puberty:

You're Just Growing In General

The growth of your own body can be hard to monitor. You look at yourself in the mirror every day, which means that it's pretty difficult to tell exactly what the differences are day-to-day. But if your relatives keep commenting on how tall you've gotten since the last time they saw you (like, even more than they usually do), clothes that fit you a month ago don't fit so great now, and you suddenly aren't the shortest kid in your class anymore, you're probably experiencing a growth spurt, which is a good sign that puberty has started.

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Especially Your Boobs

Part of growing in puberty involves developing ~curves~ of some sort. Your pelvis will grow, making your hips wider and waist smaller (you might also gain some weight). At the same time, your boobs will start to grow, but not all at once. Instead, you'll start to develop "breast buds," which are little swellings under your nipples. Over the next two years or so, these buds will develop into breasts--which, by the way, isn't always a totally smooth transition. Your chest might feel a little sore and one breast might grow faster than the other. This is totally normal!

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Your Vagina Looks Different

A big part of puberty is the development of your sexual organs. In addition to the hair growth down there, your clitoris--a little bundle of nerves that's right on the entrance to the vagina--will start to grow and become more visible. You'll also notice that your labia (the fleshy bits on the outside of your vagina) will start to become more pronounced.

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You've Got Hair In Weird Places

One sure sign of puberty is that you're getting hairy in places where you definitely were not hairy before. Usually, this starts around your pubic area, which might extend to your upper and inner thighs, too. Then, about two months after this growth, your armpits and legs will start growing hair too.

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You Start Sweating More

With puberty usually comes sweat. Or is it vice versa? Either way, you'll start to find that you're producing a lot more sweat--and, more importantly, body odor. This isn't a big deal, though--just make sure that you're showering regularly and using deodorant.

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You're Breaking Out

In addition to sweat, you might notice an overall sort of greasiness on and around your face and hair. This is because your pores generate more oil during puberty, which might mean that you start to get pimples. To prevent this, you can wash your face with a gentle cleanser with benzoyl peroxide and/or salicylic acid if your acne is particularly hard to deal with.

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You're Experiencing Vaginal Discharge

If you're noticing that, as Amy Schumer says, that when you take your underwear off at the end of the day, it looks like you "blew your nose on it," don't worry. It's just vaginal discharge. This is just natural moisture from your vagina that comes out (either clear or a cloudy off-white) when your vagina cleans itself. It's nothing that you should be worrying or thinking too much about, but if you've started getting discharge but don't have your period yet, this is a sign that you might get your period soon.

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