15 Tumblr Posts That Explain How Awesome Girls Are

Oh, hey – I’m not sure if you heard the news, yet, but girls are awesome. Even though sometimes you’re made to feel the opposite, you have a strength, ingenuity, and sensibility that is all your own. Reality shows like Bad Girls Club, Real Housewives, and The Bachelor like to pit women against each other and see them tear each other apart. The real reality, though, is that girls want to support each other and see one another succeed. #GirlLove

Girls have a lot of expectations put upon them. You’re expected to look, dress, and act a certain way and also do everything else a boy does. THAT’S IMPRESSIVE. It’s exhausting to feel like you have to keep up with the latest makeup and clothing trends while also keeping on track with school and kicking ass in your extracurricular activities. And while we’re here to tell you that you DON’T have to do that, we realize that a lot of you still do. Girls don’t always get the acknowledgement they deserve for all their hard work. So here it is: Girls, you’re amazing in all that you do!

That being said, let’s celebrate women a little bit more today. Here are some Tumblr posts that show just how awesome girls are:

1. Girls help each other.



2. They BRING IT.



3. Girls are smart.



4. Girls do things for THEMSELVES.



5. There’s a lot of mixed messaging for girls.



6. Girls are nice to each other.



7. Girls have great style.



8. Girls like characters they can relate to.



9. Girls deal with a lot.



10. Girls have secret powers.



11. Girls build each other up.



12. Girls are amazing.



13. Not everything has to evolve around guys.



14. Girls understand things.



15. Girls are PEOPLE.



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