7 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do While Wearing A Tampon

Tampons are marketed as a freeing menstrual product. For decades, tampon ads emphasize the idea that you can do whatever the hell you want, comfortably, during that time of the month, without feeling like you’re wearing a soggy diaper. You can play sports…while wearing a tampon. You can go on a spontaneous road trip with your crew…while wearing a tampon. You can even live on the edge and wear an all white outfit…while wearing a tampon (though most of us know that that’s probably, er, inadvisable). Tampons: The feminine hygiene product that almost makes you forget that you’re on your period.

But anyone who wears tampons regularly will tell you that there are loads of other activities that they get up to while wearing a tampon that won’t be broadcasted in a commercial. Like, I don’t think we’ll see a Tampax ad featuring someone masturbating while wearing a tampon, or having a poo. Maybe that’s for the best, but there’s no point in keeping this information to ourselves. Here are seven things you didn’t know you can do while wearing a tampon. Come on, you totally do at least two of these things…own up!


You might think you're a total weirdo for masturbating while you're wearing a tampon, but you're not. Listen, some folks get really horned up during that time of the month, and it's not like they have to decide between resisting temptation for nearly a week or masturbating without any feminine hygiene products, resulting in blood all over the place. Of course you're not going to shove a dildo up your vag with a tampon in...but your clitoris is still, like, there. So have at it, y'all.

Not Another Teen Movie


In a perfect world, our urge to urinate will perfectly sync up with our need to change our tampon. But this isn't a perfect world, and sometimes you really need to pee whether your tampon is ready to get switched out or not. Stop thinking that you need to tug a dry AF tampon out of your vagina just because you need to pee! Keep it simple and just move the string out of the way while you do your business!

Broad City


This is a surprisingly controversial stand, but yeah, you can totally poop with a tampon in. A puberty book I read as a kid stated that pooping while wearing a tampon might push the tampon out of your body. Well, sure, maybe, but I can safely say that that's never been an issue for me personally.

Another anti-pooping-while-wearing-a-tampon opinion comes from a health perspective: Fecal bacteria can land on your tampon string, which can cause a potential infection. Well, like I said in the peeing slide, if you just keep the string out of poop's way, you're going to be fine. Do what you have to do in your time of poop related need, okay?


Doing Sexy Stuff

You know you're in a comfortable relationship with somebody when you can hook up with somebody while a tampon string is hanging out of your cooch. Everyone is different about menstruation and intimacy, but you shouldn't convince yourself that it's somehow gross to want to fool around while wearing a tampon. You can totally perform oral sex with a tampon, you can totally receive oral sex while wearing a tampon too, if you want. The only thing that you should avoid is penetration while wearing a tampon, for obvious reasons. Ouch!

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It's time for this falsehood to die already: Yes, you can sleep while wearing a tampon. You're not suddenly at a higher risk of developing TSS if you close your eyes. As long as you put a new one in right before you go to bed and take it out as soon as you wake up, you're in the clear. "But what about the eight hour limit?!" Yes, you shouldn't keep a tampon inside of you for longer than eight hours, this is true and you should follow that advice as closely as possible. But let's be real: You're probably not getting eight hours of sleep at night anyway, and if you have a tampon in for eight hours and two minutes, you aren't going to die. Chill.

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Swim/Hang Out In Water

Honestly, being able to chill and do your thing in water during your period is one of the most popular selling points for tampons...but people are still hesitant to do it or think that people tend not to. Well...they do. That's not to say that there has never been a tampon related incident in a pool, but you honestly don't have to worry about blood escaping your vag in the water unless you're experiencing a leak and need to change your tampon anyway. So whether you're going to the beach or just relaxing in the tub, you don't have to worry about your tampon. You should make sure that the string is as dry as possible when you exit the water, however, to avoid any possible irritation.

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Getting A Wax

A friend of mine once told me that she has such a good relationship with the woman who does her bikini/Brazilian waxes that she has even had a wax while wearing a tampon. Yes, she wore a tampon while a woman waxed the hair from around her vag. Personally, I wouldn't risk it given the fact that pain tolerance is lower during your period and the waxer might not be comfortable working around a menstruating vagina. But...I guess it's something that's done, nevertheless!


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done while wearing a tampon? Do you have a tampon horror story? Tell us in the comments!

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