7 Guy’s Cosmetic Products You Had No Idea You Should Be Using

At this point, we are all well-aware that a lot of the packaging and marketing that the beauty industry likes to use is basically BS.  First of all, many products claim to do something that usually ends up…not being the case. They might claim to do something that isn’t actually possible for your body. Then, there’s the whole issue of unnecessarily gendering products–not only is it usually totally unnecessary, a lot of the time, women end up having to pay significantly more more for a product just because it’s geared towards women. Which is, you know. Problematic.

You know who gets that? Kylie Jenner. Really! I mean, I don’t know how much she knows about the damaging socio-political effects that gendered products can have (and hey, maybe she knows a lot! King Kylie might be starting to get really into women’s studies; you just never know about these things), but she is aware, evidently, about the power of breaking outside of prescribed gender roles for products. According to her Snapchat, she uses Nivea Men’s Post-Shave Balm as a foundation primer for oily skin. Cool! Wanna be like Kylie? Or, don’t wanna be like Kylie but do wanna infiltrate and ultimately destroy the patriarchy?  Check out these male-oriented cosmetic products that you, like Kylie, should totally be using: 

Nivea Post-Shave Balm

Kylie Jenner says that, if you have oily skin, you should uses this product in place of moisturizer and primer. Plus, if you tend to get any kind of razor burn, this product is also great for that.

Buy it at Target for $5.59

Styptic Pencil

This is a little pencil stick that quickly stops bleeding, so guys use to quickly stop up shaving nicks. So, use it for any post-shaving bleeding nicks of your own! (It's definitely better than toilet paper, anyway.)

Buy it at Walmart for $3.21

Men's Shaving Cream

Guy's shaving cream usually tends to be both thicker and cheaper than women-oriented options--so, really, there's no reason why you shouldn't be buying it.

Buy it at Pharmapacks for $1.93


This is more of a personal preference thing, but if you're not super into the floral musk offerings that the women's fragrance section tends to offer, you should try out men's cologne.

Buy it at Birchbox for $74

Guy's Deodorant

Most women's deodorant is...a lot. Unless you go unscented, it's usually overwhelmingly sweet or floral (and only seems to intensify throughout the day). To combat this, try out men's deodorant--you can get scented options without selling like a vanilla factory, which is pretty nice, IMO.

Buy it at Walmartfor $3.97

Men's Shower Gel

Again, just a personal preference thing, but guy's shower gel smells *so* good. Plus, it tends to be cheaper than women's shower gel--so, overall, it's just a good investment.

Buy it at OId Spice for $9.24

Pre-Shave Oil

Prone to razor burn? Treating the area with some pre-shave oil--on your legs, bikini area, whatever--before you shave can help prevent that.

Buy it at Nordstrom for $30

Do you ever use men’s cosmetic products? Did I forget any great ones? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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