10 Things You Do In High School That You Never Have To Do In College

College isn’t that similar to high school. For starers, there is a lot less hand-holding and fewer people looking over your shoulder.  You can start spending your time learning the things you really want to learn and figuring out who you really are. You get to pick your own classes, basically have sleepovers with your friends every night, and can dress and act exactly how you want. FREEDOM! With much freedom comes much responsibility, though, and the lack of structure can be hard for some people to deal with. You’ll have to learn to strike the delicate balance between having fun and learning.

As you get older, it can be frustrating to be in high school where you are so closely monitored by your parents and teachers.  Space is a good thing. The high school environment can start to feel suffocating after a while! After all, you’re old enough to make your own decisions, and you’re pretty much able to take care of yourself.  If you’re in high school and you’re starting to fight with your parents over your independence, just know that is totally normal. Don’t worry, college will be here before you know it.

Here are some things you do in high school that you don’t have to worry about doing in college:

Take Classes You're Not Into

In college, you get to pick your classes! You get to pick your major! You don't have to take math if you don't want to! *whew* Sounds like a dream world, right? It is... kind of. Keep in mind, most colleges have "general education" classes that everyone has to take regardless of their major. For example, some schools will have you take three classes in the area of math and science, and three classes in English. But the good news is that there is usually a wider variety of classes to choose from - so instead of being stuck with boring Biology or Algebra, you can pick something more interesting to you, like marine biology or computer science.

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Get Your Parents' Permission For Everything

For better or worse, you don't have to adhere to your parents' curfews and be subjected to their intense lines of questioning. If you want to, you can stay up all night and no one will care. You're the one who's going to have to deal with the consequences of staying up all night (i.e. falling asleep in class), but it still feels great knowing you can.

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Get Ready For Class

It's totally acceptable to come to class in sweatpants and a hoodie in college. SAY HELLO TO COMFORT. People aren't comparing outfits and trying to impress anyone during class time- they mostly save that for the parties. You'll want to stay comfy as you're sitting through after after hour of lectures.

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Lug Around Binders, Books, And Papers For All Your Classes

In high school, you probably had to bring materials for all seven classes you were taking each day. NOT GOOD FOR THE BACK. In college, you pretty much can just bring what you need for the one class you're going to. Goodbye dorky backpack, hello cute laptop bag. If you make your schedule right, you can run back to your dorm room between classes! And a lot of professors don't require you to bring a textbook to class, which is another plus.

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Know Who The Popular People Are

High school is full of cliques. Everyone knows who the cool kids are and pretty much everything about those people. College is way different. There is no "popular group" because there are so many people, and it's not like everyone eats lunch together every day or goes to pep rallies like in high school. Plus, people just stop caring about that type of thing. THANK GOODNESS.

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Wake Up Super Early

Say goodbye to 7:30 am start times. In college (unless you're crazy and pick 8 am classes) you get to start your day a little later. Whoever decided that 7:30 am was a good time to start high school needs to get a reality check- it's too early.

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Do Homework For Every Class Every Day

Some professors do give homework at the end of every class, but many do not. Instead, they give you a syllabus in the beginning of the semester that gives you a reading schedule and lets you know when papers are due. So, instead of little assignments every day, you have bigger assignments you have to get done over time. Plus, your classes aren't every day (they're usually either two or three times a week), so if you do get homework, it's still not every day.

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Call In Sick

You don't need your mom to call the principal, you won't need a doctor's note, and you won't have your mom taking care of you during your illness. If you don't go to class because you're sick, no one cares. You'll just have to learn the information on your own.

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Go To Every Class

In college professors often post notes and lectures online. While it can be dangerous if you start missing lots of classes, not going to class in college isn't as frowned upon as it is in high school... most of the time. Most professors will tell you how many classes you can miss before it starts to affect your grade. Some professors are stricter than others, but a lot say five, which isn't bad. As long as you're keeping up with your studying and understanding the material, you can miss a class or two in college.

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Take Standardized Tests

While you'll still have to take big tests (especially if you go into things like medicine and law), you won't have to deal with those pesky SAT-type assessment tests that cover a wide variety of subjects. The whole "I have to get a good grade on this or else I won't go to college!" stress will be behind you.

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What stuff do you think you have to do in high school that you don’t have to do in college? Let me know in the comments below!

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16 Things You Never Do In High School That You Have To Do In College

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