13 Annoying Things That Happen Every Prom Season

March is drawing to a close and, with this, I think it is officially safe to say that prom season 2k16 is officially in full swing. For some of you, this is great–you’ve got your dress (or, you know, outfit), date, and group squared away. You even know where you’re taking pictures (the country club that’s super easy to sneak into as long as you act like you belong) and eating dinner (the only nice steak house in the area that also has vegetarian options for that one rogue non-meat eater in your group) and even have some breathing room with alternatives, should some drama arise. Which, you know, it always seems to do during prom season.

But for most of you? You’re probably in peak panic mode. It’s kind of impossible not to be if you’ve decided that you want to go to prom but haven’t managed to get all the details of going to gel quite yet. While the night of prom only lasts a few hours, prom season itself seems to stretch on for eternity because there’s so much that you have to deal with. Like, very, very irritating things.  Check out these super annoying things that, no matter how hard you try to avoid them, seem to happen every prom season:

1. Promposals. Promposals everywhere. 


Literally impossible to avoid.


2. Like, seriously. Everyone’s having someone else sneak into their math class baked in a cake and bursting out of it in the middle of class (or some variation of that) just so they can ask them to prom.


It seems excessive, tbh.


3. Everyone, that is, except for you. 


Just chillin’. Not getting asked to prom yet. It’s fine! Really.


4. Because all of your potential baes seem to be asking someone else.


Right before your very eyes.


5. And you have to act happy for your friends when their baes execute the perfect promposal for them.


You are happy! It’s just you’d be happier if you were also getting asked, you know?


6. But if you DO get a promposal, you feel oddly…uncomfortable. 


So many eyes! On you!


7. Teachers trying to get involved in prom drama shenanigans.




8. Your mom insists on helping you shop for your prom dress but hates literally every single one that you like (and vice versa).


But she’s footing the bill, so she usually wins.


9. And keeps asking about your date.


Is he a nice boy? Can she meet his mom? What, exactly, are his intentions with you?


10. Your group cannot decide where to take pictures.


It’s not a huge deal, in the grand scheme of things, but you’d never know that from the heated group message you’ve got going on right now.


11. And where to eat dinner.


A surprisingly contentious decision!


12. And who, for that matter, should even be in the prom group.


There’s a lot to argue about, basically.


13. Then, prom happens, at it’s like…that’s it?


Yep. That is, indeed it.


Are you dealing with any of these things right now? What did I forget? Let us know in the comments!

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