8 Weird Ways You Actually Can Get Pregnant

Unless you’re a legit, responsible adult, getting pregnant right now is probably in your list of top ten fears. Virgins or not, most girls spend a good portion of their lives worrying about whether or not their pregnant. We all logically know that sex makes babies, but the truth is, there are other unexpected ways you can get pregnant. We’ve all read some version of the story about a girl who got pregnant from, of all things, dry humping. Half of us know someone who knows someone who knows someone who got pregnant even when using a condom. I think we all heard about that one teen magazine article about the girl who became preggers when her BF ejaculated on her leg. It only takes one story like this to make us paranoid all the time, because while it’s rare, it’s also true: unprotected sex is not the only way to have a baby. 

Not to scare you guys, but the facts about sperm can be terrifying enough on their own, even without hearing accounts of strange pregnancy stories. Sperm have one singular function: to get to an egg and fertilize it. They are biologically built survivors, and can stave off unfavorable conditioners in order to make their way to a female’s egg. They’re tricky. They can be protected against, but they can’t always be outwitted. Remember that! Now, I don’t want anyone to get paranoid and start to question whether or not they’re pregnant, but you should know this stuff! Here are eight weird ways you can get pregnant, and while unlikely, all are true. So, one more time with feeling: STAY SAFE, Y’ALL.

Spooning Naked

In sex-ed we were cautioned against naked cuddling because you can still spread STIs through genital contact, even if you're not having penetrative sex. Apparently, you can get pregnant this way, too. So, even if you're just having "faux sex" or "dry sex" (meaning you're not putting it in, just um... around?) if there's a possibility of ejaculate getting near the vaginal opening, the risk of pregnancy is still present. There's a myth that sperm die once they hit air, and that's not true. If they land in a moist environment - like, I don't know, a vulva - they can live up to five days. Just wear clothes if you're feeling unsure.

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From Fingering

As a rule of thumb: if ejaculate goes near your vagina, even if it's not from intercourse, there's a chance you can get pregnant. So, if a guy finishes on his hand and then puts that hand in your vagina, there's a chance you can get pregnant. Less likely for sure, but still technically puts you at risk. It's totally unsexy to pause sex to go wash your hands, so maybe consider finishing somewhere else if you still want to keep going. Cover all your bases and be sure that nothing with live sperm goes near your cervix.

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When You're On Your Period

Uncommon, but still true! Basically, a typical ovulation will take place on day 14 of a woman's cycle, if her cycle is a normal 28-32 days. However, if you have a shorter cycle and have unprotected sex during your period, you may release an egg  a few days after your period finishes. Given that sperm can live up to five days if he finishes inside of you, they're still going to be around long enough just in time to fertilize that egg. Track your period and be wary of pregnancy symptoms to be sure, but like I said, sperm are resilient.

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From Anal Sex

I've heard of girls having unprotected anal sex in the name of "saving themselves" or preventing pregnancy, but given the proximity of the anus to the vagina, if you have unprotected anal sex - other than opening you up to all kinds of STIs - there is a possibility you can get pregnant. Sperm is a liquid, liquid is drippy... do I need to explain this any further? If he finishes in your butt, the sperm can travel down to your vulva where sperm can live for up to five days and make its way to your cervix because sperm are like that. Protect yourself if you're having sex and you should be good.

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While You're On The Birth Control Pill

We knew about the morning after pill being less effective for women over 165 pounds. As it turns out, if you're over 180 pounds, low-dosage birth control pills may not have you fully protected against pregnancy. There are many factors in choosing the right birth control for you. Birth control isn't a one of those things where you can do whatever your girlfriends recommend, you have to tailor it specifically towards you (for example, if you have depression, you may want to stay away from birth control that strongly influences your hormones). For girls over 180 pounds, that may make you at risk for pregnancy if your only method of contraception is the pill.

It's not only a weight issue: if you skip a pill even just one day, and then you have unprotected sex, you can get pregnant. if you're on antibiotics, they can mess with your birth control, and that can lead to you being unprotected for a few weeks. And, even if you take the pills perfectly, there is still a slight chance you could get pregnant when not using a condom. Yikes!

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Using The Pull-Out Method

The pull out method is not 100 percent foolproof. Even if he finishes completely out of your vagina, the pre-ejaculate (aka pre-cum) still contains sperm and is actually the most potent. Some guys don't have sperm in their pre-ejaculate, but there's no way for them to know that without getting tested for it specifically by a doctor, so it's better to stay safe. Yes, the technical sperm count is lower in pre-cum versus if he were to finish inside of you, but there is still sperm present. If you're cool with that fact, that's fine, just know that it can result in a pregnancy and you should be ready to deal with it if that's a risk that you're willing to take.

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When Using Condoms

Condoms are essential when having safe sex, because they are the only form of birth control that also protects against STDs. But condoms aren't perfect! They do not 100 percent protect against pregnancy. If a condom has a slight hole in it, you can get pregnant - and these small tears can occur if you aren't taking care of condoms (putting them in your pocket, letting them sit at the bottom of a handbag for weeks, etc.). Condoms also expire, meaning that a very old condom will not protect you enough. Your best bet is to go with two forms of birth control: a condom and either the Pill, patch, or IUD.

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While Breastfeeding

Admittedly, this is only relevant to girls who are already moms, but it used to be that we thought the prolactin hormone released in breastfeeding moms could prevent ovulation, which means no periods, and thusly prevent pregnancy. We now know that it's not uniformly the case for everyone. You may become less fertile than you are while not lactating, but not completely infertile. The first post-partum egg may be released months before the first post-partum period anyway, so if you already have a kid that you're breastfeeding, that doesn't automatically act as nature's birth control. Resume your normal birth control methods when you're ready to have sex again.

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Have you ever heard of someone getting pregnant from one of these things? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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