14 Physical Traits You Thought Were Bad That Are Actually Awesome

Thanks to societal expectations, we are all at least somewhat conditioned to think that certain physical traits are better than other ones. Think of the stereotypical “perfect” woman: she is someone who is thin, but has curves in the right spots. She has large breasts, but not overly large, you know? She has a shapely butt, but it’s not, like, weirdly big. She has high cheekbones, a slim nose, straight teeth, long hair, and pretty eyes. Her stomach is flat, and she’s toned, but not obviously muscular. These are only some of her many superior traits, and it’s already exhausting.

Since those things are seen as perfect and ideal, then it makes sense that the opposite of those things would be, well, unfortunate. Women who are chubby are seen as women who need to lose weight. Having big boobs that are uncomfortably big is just a little too much. Being too skinny means that girl needs to eat a cheeseburger, because damn girl, no one wants to actually see all of your bones! Only the pretty ones, like your collar bones and hip bones.

If that all sounds ridiculous, it’s because it is! There should never be only one standard for beauty. There are so many things that make someone beautiful, and so many physical traits that are seen as undesirable when they are actually pretty great. That’s why I really like this thread on Ask Reddit. It wasn’t about tearing women down, it was about making women feel good about their physical traits that are seen as “bad” or “in need of correcting.” Here are 14 physical traits you thought were bad that are actually awesome:


1. Freckles

NotYourStereotype: Freckles! Loads of people seem to think freckles are super ugly and I’m like..huh!? They also make for super awesome portraits!


2. A Roman nose

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rozzingit: Dramatic aquiline noses. So beautiful!


3. Gray hair

ashmagic487: Going gray “earlier than you’re supposed to”… I’ve seen women in their 20-30s start to find gray hairs in their blonde/brown hair and spend tons of money hiding the gray hairs by highlighting. I think its a bit silly because I find gray hair to be beautiful. I know its a trend right now to go gray, silver, lavender, etc but I’m talking about women who are naturally gray.


4. Large labia

[deleted]: Large labia… I didn’t even know it was perceived to be a bad thing til I joined Reddit and saw some other things in the net. Anyway, I think large labia are ridiculously sexy.


5. Muscles

RunningWithSeizures: Muscles.
When women have too many muscles, people like to complain that she looks “too masculine” and that obvious muscles don’t “look good on girls.” It’s silly and ridiculous.


6. Small boobs

Jammmbo: Small breasts.

Seriously, there is nothing wrong with having small boobs.


7. Natural hair

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cyborgyuki: Black women’s natural hair texture. Society hates on it more than people like to admit.


8. Being pale

LegallyBlondish: Fair skin. I really don’t know why most people try to get a tan with sun or those bronzers. Fair skin looks really hot imo.


9. Visible Scars

SparkyP: Scars. A lot of people see scars of any kind as something ugly or detracting from someone’s appearance but I think they add to someone. When someone has a scar from something, it shows that they survived it. I think that’s pretty awesome. I have scars from various medical procedures in my youth and I try to embrace them because they show me how far I’ve come since then.


10. Pubic hair

If when you look at this image your first thought is "dirty", then you are wrong. I really hate the term "clean shaven" because that is NOT CLEAN. Hair exists for a reason, people. When you shave or wax or whatever you do, that is leaving micro cuts all over your private area. This turns your genitalia essentially into a bacteria farm which makes infection more likely to occur. Also, hair keeps your privates safe from friction that might harm them. Pheromones are born inside of hair follicles, which means that a hairless hoo-ha will not smell as good (also due to the increase in bacteria). END THE STIGMA ON PUBIC HAIR. PUBIC HAIR IS TOTALLY CLEAN AND KEEPS YOU HEALTHY. Remember kids, a hairy hoo-ha is a healthy hoo-ha. #endthestigma #pubichair #allnatural #beauty

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crazykhajiitlady: Pubes. I love it when I have a female partner that hasn’t shaved it all off :\


11. Large thighs

lapetitepoire: “Thunder thighs.” Beautiful and powerful!


12. Crooked teeth

Note to self don't overdose on lemon coolers and strawberry Boston cream pies. I feel like DEATH when they say sugar is more addictive than cocaine…they aren't lying. I feel like I railed some lines but without all the fun parts of doing an upper I just feel depleted and sad! . Here's a quote I read in an article that may put this into perspective: “You get this intense release of dopamine upon acute ingestion of sugar. After you chronically consume it, those dopamine receptors start becoming down-regulated — there’s less of them, and they’re less responsive,” he said. “That can lead to ADHD-like symptoms … but it can also lead to a mild state of depression because we know that dopamine is that reward neurotransmitter." . So yeah, one will do ya. I'm not saying I won't ever eat sugar but bro. I went HARD yesterday. I don't even know why. Good lesson learned….now to somehow get them shits out of my house. I can already hear my husband saying "but we spent 20 dollars on that!" So I'll just have to live with it in my house for now. I can do it though. I just have to remind myself that the tiny moment of pleasure is not worth the hours of headaches, upset tummy, weird sad "I don't want to do anything" moods, and of course taking my further away from my own goals. #newhabits

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RougeCrown: Crooked teeth – of course i’m not talking about a complete mess, but one or two crooked teeth are cute.


13. Dark undereye circles 

Pleasure this Pain. #choker #vibe #selfiee #messybun #grunge #aliens #tiredeyes #darkcircles

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halloweenaway: Dark circles under the eyes. I can’t think of a time I thought it looked bad, but I can definitely think of times I thought it looked good.


14. Saggy boobs 

Love this picture, my mans funny #saggyboobs

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pamplemus: “saggy” boobs (whether they’re actually saggy or just not perky). even in this thread, having perky boobs/not having saggy ones is referred to as a good thing, but i think both are lovely. more boob shapes should be accepted outside of the big and full or small and perky. all of them are beautiful!

Which of these phsyical traits do you have? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Poline

    My naturally black hair has been turning grey since I’ve been 9, and there’s nothing beautiful about it, it just gives you anxiety. Especially when you want to keep your black color.

  • Carla

    I was pretty happy going through this list until I got to the thing about teeth. Really, “of course i’m not talking about a complete mess”? I thought this was supposed to make girls feel better about themselves and celebrate all bodies just the way they are…

    • meg

      I’m agreeing whole heartedly