15 Tweets That Perfectly Describe You When You Don’t Get A Text Back

Not texting someone back is something that, in most cases, happens innocently enough. You might forget. Fall asleep. Feel like the conversation has reached its natural ending point. Even if it’s slightly vindictive, or done to prove a point (look, whatever, we’ve all been there), choosing to be the person  not texting someone back doesn’t ever really feel like a big deal.

Not getting a text back, on the other hand, can often feel like a viable reason to call a national state of emergency (if, say, you were in the position to determine such a thing). The natural reasons for not texting back–forgetting, not looking at your phone, falling asleep–suddenly seem totally implausible and illogical and you automatically assume that, I don’t know, your crush is ignoring you because they’ve been kidnapped. Or because they have suddenly perished in a tragic motorcycling accident. Or, worst of all–they got kind of bored of you and don’t really feel like texting you back. Basically, not getting a text back from someone is a big deal–and, you know what? Twitter totally gets that. Check out these tweets that perfectly describe you when you don’t get a text back:

1. When you can dish it out…


2. But not take it:


3. When Bernie just *gets* you:


4. When you realize you’re being irrational…and yet:


5. You just can’t help it:


6. When you just feel this on a very visceral level:


7. This too:


8. When your retaliation to being ignored is fierce AF:

9. When this psychotic bunny Snapchat filter expresses your emotions far better than “words” ever could:


10. Even if it’s your fault:


11. When you’re a cool, chill girl. Promise:




13. Yep:


14. When you literally fall ill and could very possibly die because you didn’t get that text back:


15. Yeah, like…what’s the big deal, right?


Did these tweets describe you when you don’t get a text back? Which one was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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