13 Times A Big Stuffed Bear Just Showed Up In A Relationship Goals Picture And It Was Scary AF

So, let’s say that a person–a significant other, bae-type person, to be exact–tells you they had a big, exciting present for you. You spend all day thinking about it. Is it jewelry? Clothes? Those Justin Bieber tickets you so desperately want? Then, you actually receive it. It turns out that they just meant big in, like, the literal sense. Your big, exciting present is…a stuffed bear. A big one–massive, actually–and it might be accompanied by some flowers. But, when it comes down to it, it’s literally just a stuffed bear.

How would you feel about this? The answer, I’m pretty sure, depends on whether you are a regular human or a Relationship Goals human. You see, the #RelationshipGoals couples you see on Instagram and Tumblr (who, for what it’s worth, despite looking really great in sweatpants and being inexplicably rich, don’t really seem to have the best logic or fine motor skills anyway, but whatever), absolutely love these stuffed bears. They’re everywhere on these accounts, presented as a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays alike and, let me tell you, these girls freaking lose it over being presented with a big bear. Why? I could not tell you. I can, however, show you exactly how prevalent these bears are. Check out the weirdest trope of those Relationship Goals pictures–the big, scary bear who sees all:

1. These bears start out small-ish and innocent enough:


2. Sometimes adorning other gifts (which, for the record, is perfectly acceptable):


3. But then…they grow:


4. And grow:


6. Sometimes, they even begin to interfere with the relationship it was gifted into:


7. To disastrous effect:



8. Has Science Gone Too Far?


9. Is it? Is it really?

10. Why?



11. Hmmm.

12. That’s it? That’s…all you want?


13. I mean…you do you. #BearGoals:

What do you think of the big bear? Is it #goals to you? Let us know in the comments!

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